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All New Movers are Not New Customers. So, Stop Bothering Them!

All New Movers are Not New Customers. So, Stop Bothering Them!

When I moved to Dublin, CA around two years back our mailbox got immediately filled with local businesses selling us everything from massages to mermaids (no I didn’t make that up). Heck I even got around ten postcards from real estate agents with hand written letters welcoming me to Dublin and asking me to buy a house in Dublin! I wanted to call them and ask if they were out of their minds?

The problem with all “new mover postcards” is that marketing companies try to reach out as large audience as possible, because the more they “print and mail” the more money they make. In reality, there aren’t more than a few hundred new movers even in the most high-density areas. If you further filter that list to target audience that may be relevant for your business you’d only end up with a handful of them.

And that’s why we created the first, one of its kind “new mover postcards” program here at Ellipsis; a program that focuses on targeting small number of people based on 100s of filters including their new mover status, so that no postcard goes “wasted”. 

[Learn more about our new mover postcards program by clicking here]

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Gautam Tandon

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