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Benefits of having professionally designed Custom Flyers, Brochures, Business Cards, and other Print Material

The digital world is getting more crowded each day, and more brands are turning to print marketing to attract new customers, boost their local visibility, and drive business growth. Don’t call this scenario a comeback. Print marketing never died or left.

In 2017, according to Statista, businesses in the US spent $13.5 billion on social media marketing. This number was expected to hit $17 billion in 2019. Well, that’s a lot of promoted tweets and Facebook ads. However, a recent survey done by Marketing Pros revealed that 76% of small businesses view an ideal marketing plan as one that integrates print and online marketing efforts.

Once you choose to use flyers, business cards, and other forms of print media, your primary objective should be to attract attention. The second goal is conversion – getting your audience to take your desired action. Your flyers and brochures aren’t going to be a treasured artwork. But you can still make the look incredible and fulfill your two objectives better.

Print media is an excellent way to build your brand 

Scientific American and other authorities have published research suggesting that print media leaves a deep footprint that that on your screen. That means the physical handling of a professionally designed business card or other printed material cultivates a deeper emotional engagement. And in the context of marketing, print media helps prospects and customers to recall and bond with a certain brand.

According to the Magazine Publishers of America (MPA), traditional print marketing delivers the highest return on investment compared to any other medium – approximately $3.94 for every dollar spent. Isn’t this a good ROI?

There are different types of print media. Custom business cards, catalogs, postcards, coupon campaigns, flyers, and other forms of professionally designed print media could boost consumer engagement and drive business growth.

Ease and simplicity

Research shows that an average person uses 21 percent more cognitive effort to effectively process digital information than custom printed information. That means print materials are easier to absorb. This research backs its findings by proving beyond any reasonable doubt that 75 percent of people exposed to print ads can remember the brand name at a later date. On the other hand, only 44 percent of people could remember the same details after being exposed to a digital ad.

Wrap up

Go forth and use professionally-created print media to engage with your target audience and probably drive business growth. Remember, the effectiveness of print media revolves around its design, the information included, and other factors.


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