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Easy and Effective marketing ideas that drive sales for Real Estate Agents

We specialize in Local Marketing and not a specific business type. We work with many local small business owners within a diverse range of business types. Each week we post an article with marketing advice for a different business type that we support.  This week, we discuss some of the ways in which residential real estate agents can market their services.

Easy and Effective marketing ideas that drive sales for Real Estate Agents

In today’s fast-paced world, Real Estate Marketing is essential. Effective marketing for real estate agents involves executing a variety of marketing strategies to generate leads.

As a residential real estate agent, you have to learn how to make your brand stand out and get proper attention to enable you to win listings and real estate investors. We have compiled these easy and effective marketing ideas that you can use to promote your business:

Target Market

As a real estate agent, you are typically targeting 3 different markets. Current home owners in need of a real estate agent to help market and sell their homes, home buyers in need of a real estate agent to help find and buy a home and other agents and their clients looking for a new home. Each target group has a very different profile, which require different marketing techniques and channels. Identifying the profile of each will help you tailor your marketing efforts and determine what type of marketing techniques to use.

Real Estate Website

Build a professional website for your real estate business to help you showcase your listings and the services you offer. Make it easy for users to access your site on any device, including smartphones, computers and tablets. Site visitors should be able to browse your listings and filter by criteria they are looking for in a home.

Home buyers come to your site to search for properties, look at home photos and get a feel for the location of your property listings. Therefore, your website should also have high-resolution home pictures, links to your agent profile with contact information, office hours, logo, team photos and testimonials to attract both sellers and buyers.

Use SEO to ensure your pages show up in prospective clients’ online search results.

Social Media

Social media play a significant role in real estate marketing. Develop a social media strategy that will generate followers and drive visitors to your website and phone. A strong presence on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram can help you turn your followers into your clients. Use your social media to run contests, for example, Facebook contests in exchange for a chance to win a prize and also for share information that could be useful to buyers or sellers of properties.

When people search for a new home, they usually do their research on different platforms such as websites and social media pages before they get in touch with a real estate agent. It is therefore recommended that you run social media advertising campaigns and regular posts and blogs to give them information that will convince them to contact you.


Successful real estate agents recognize the power of referrals. For instance, new homebuyers often prefer working with real estate agents referred by colleagues, friends and relatives. You can always provide incentives, discounts or bonuses to past clients who refer you to new customers. include testimonials on your website and occasionally share them on social media.


Develop partnerships with other real estate agents, mortgage brokers, wealth managers and other local businesses working with your target segments. Offer incentives to partners for referring their clients to you.

Consider sponsoring local non-profits, sports teams, festivals and school events. This typically puts your brand on t-shirts, flyers, posters or program pamphlets which in turn gives you local exposure with anyone from your target audience with ties to the sponsor benefactors.


Use of postcards is an effective way to market yourself and showcase your accomplishments. Before designing a postcard, you must understand the profile you are trying to reach. The key is to share information that is educative, solves problems and use design elements that will stand out in a mailbox.

Local Print Ads

Ads in local newspapers offer great visibility and exposure. Consider your target market and location of your real estate operations and use local papers, magazines, bench ads, billboards, bus stops etc. to attract your local audience.

Email Marketing

Send email newsletters, birthday greetings and other quick check-ins to former clients and leads on a regular basis. Your email newsletter could include updates on mortgage and interest rates, benefits of home ownership, value of working with a local real estate professional, real estate laws, photos and videos of new property listings. This will keep you in your clients’ and leads’ minds the moment they need a real estate agent.


Every realtor recognizes that each property and home is unique. Flyers are ideal for marketing property listings, open houses or yourself in general, because they provide a great visual impression.

Building a steady stream of clients requires many different marketing techniques and channels. These are just some of the ways you could market your real estate business. If your schedule doesn’t allow you time to do your own marketing, we can help you, so you can focus on running your business. Contact us for more information. 

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