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Ellipsis Google Ads Program for Local Businesses

Ellipsis Google Ads Program for Local Businesses

Google Ads is a paid marketing service offered by Google. It helps businesses market their products and services digitally on Google search engines and Display Network. You select a lead profile and keywords that you believe people will use when searching for services offered by your business and then build supporting ads. You pay Google every time your ad is clicked.

The selected keywords trigger Google to show your ad when someone in your defined profile use them in a Google search. Depending on your selection, Google will display your ads in their own search engine, on sites within the Google Display Network and sites supporting remarketing.

On a search network, your Google Ad relies on keywords, while on a display network, your ad shows on display networks, video content and mobile apps. For example, your ad can show on YouTube.

This may sound simple but creating high performing Google ads today is complex and time-consuming. It is a pricy marketing option, which requires high ROI or lifetime value of a new customer, but it can generate instant and ongoing leads. For Google Ads to work optimally, an appealing offer, a landing page and tracking is necessary. Ideally, you should create a unique landing page and ad copy for each product or service you advertise.

We can design and run your Ads on Google Search and Google Partner Websites. You control the budget and only pay for clicks. If you are looking for a quick, easy and affordable way to run online paid Ads on Google, Facebook or other platforms, check out our Ellipsis Google Ads and Social Media Ads

Click here for more details on options and pricing:  https://ellipsismarketing.net/camptempl.php?preview=1&ctid=13116



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