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Every Door Direct Mail v/s Targeted Postcards - When to use What

Every Door Direct Mail v/s Targeted Postcards - When to use What

Every Door Direct Mail and Targeted Postcards are the two most widely used promotional techniques for local businesses. Both provide the ability to reach targeted local audience at a fairly affordable price and in many cases produce better results than digital advertising. But what really is the difference between them? Here are some of the things to consider when choosing what type of postcard marketing is best for your business.

Every Door Direct Mail

This is a promotional service provided by the US Postal Service. Basically you pick a USPS route where you want your postcards to be circulated. Package yoru postcards based on the guidelines provided by USPS and deliver them to your local post office. Then they take care of distributing your postcards in all the mailboxes on your selected routes. There are certain guidelines around what size and paper quality you can use. There are also guidelines around how many postcards you can distributed per month in a certain zip-code. For more details please check USPS website. Here's their quick reference guide on this topic - https://www.usps.com/business/pdf/quick-reference-guide.pdf

When to use Every Door Direct Mail?

In short, Every Door Direct Mail is good for anytime you want to reach a broader audience. Some of the situations where it may be worthwhile to do Every Door Direct Mail are -

  • You are a real estate agent and just sold a house on a street. You want to advertise your success to all the homes in the neighborhood.
  • You are a new restaurant in town. You want to reach all the local people in the neighborhood.
  • You are a non-profit organization, organizing a fundraiser. You want to invite the neighborhood community.

Targeted Postcards

As the name tells, these are postcards that are targeted towards specific audience. It could be your own curated list of customers or prospects, or it could be a list purchased from a third party vendor. But in the end, instead of reaching all the homes or businesses on a USPS route, you are hand picking the ones you are most interested in. Just like Every Door Direct Mail, USPS has laid down guidelines around what kind of postcard sizes and paper types you can use. Here's a good resource to learn everything about running marketing postcards via USPS - https://pe.usps.com/BusinessMail101/Index?ViewName=Index

When to use Targeted Postcards?

In short, Targeted Postcards make sense when you need to reach out a very targeted audience. Some of the situations are -

  • You are an elementary school and want to reach out to families with young kids.
  • You are a spice manufacturer and want to reach out to specific type of restaurants in the area.
  • You are a jewelry shop and want to send seasonal greeting postcard to you customers.


Weather you may need Every Door Direct Mail, or Targeted Postcards, there is substantial amount of effort involved in both. From designing the right postcard, to finding the right target audience, and putting everything together can easily divert your attention from running your business. And that's where Ellipsis Every Door Direct Mail and Ellipsis Targeted Postcards Marketing Program help. Our programs provide a cost effective and affordable way to run Every Door Direct Mail or Targeted Postcards. Our team does everything for you without charging an arm and a leg. In addition, we try to provide as accurate results as possible because we want to make sure every dollar you spend with us is worth it. From putting trackable URLs to vanity phone numbers, we do everything latest marketing technologies can provide us to help you spend your marketing dollars wisely.

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