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Five Creative Ways to Promote Your Local Business Before Valentine’s Day

Five Creative Ways to Promote Your Local Business Before Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the occasion to celebrate romantic love and friendship. Lovers, couples and singles eagerly wait for this day. Through various ways including presenting gifts, they try to make their love feel happy and special.

Valentine’s Day also gives businesses a reason to smile. It gives them the opportunity to connect with their customers and boost their sales. With Valentine’s Day generating billions of dollars of sales every year shows its importance for the businesses.

All kinds of businesses can benefit from this festival. But bars and lounges, florists, cosmetic stores, luxury goods stores, salons, restaurants and travel agencies can gain the most from it. If you run a similar business, you can adopt some innovative and creative ways for perking up your sales.

1. Send a Valentine's Day Promotion Postcard

To attract lovers or couples to dine in your restaurant, you can offer customers a nice deal. Sending the deal via traditional postcard is the best way to catch their attention. Did you know traditional postcards produce over 36 times better results than Email or SMS! A nice postcard will drive many couples to your restaurant. This will drive up your sales. If you run a cosmetic store, you can offer your customers special discounts on beauty products in a similar fashion. Bakery owners can offer special baked goods and cakes.

While announcing the offers, businesses should use romantic words like special someone, sweet or heart in the message.

Ellipsis Direct Mail Campaigns are designed to help local businesses save time and run their Valentine's Day Promotions with ease. Plus, everything is tracked so you know if it's working well or not.

2. Utilize Social Media for Sharing Love Stories

You can ask your customers to share their love, romance or friendship stories or pictures on Facebook or Instagram. Request them to include a particular hashtag or your business’s name on their post. You can give 2 free items from your store to the winning customer or offer a coupon. This is a great way to build followers for future marketing purposes.

Ellipsis Social Media Presence Campaigns is a nice and easy way to use all Social Media Channels without spending much time and effort. Sit back and relax while our team takes care of organizing and posting Valentine's Day related posts, increase followers, and promote your local business.

3. Giving gift ideas to people

To make their partner or lover happy on the Valentine’s Day, people are looking for exciting gift ideas. You can create a gift guide for them. It will tell about Valentine Day’s gifts available at your goods store. Create the gift guide in form of a video and share it on Facebook. You can also send the video to your customers through email.

4. Decorate your store with hearts

At your luxury goods store, you can put up paper hearts and cupids which will help spread love. They will make the atmosphere festive. The paper hearts will enthuse the customers. They will become eager to buy your products for gifting them to their sweetheart. 

5. Spread the word in your blog

By blogging, you can generate excitement among customers about your travel agency’s exciting travel plans. So they will be eager to avail them on the Valentine’s Day for a breathtaking travel experience.

Hair salons too can highlight their new and innovative hair styles through blogging. So both men and women will visit them for having a great haircut to impress their partner. 

By adopting these creative ways, you can generate customers’ interest in your products and services on Valentine’s Day. This consequently will enhance your sales and profits.


Are you are a restaurant, salon, or other business owner based in San Francisco Bay Area? Do you want to benefit from the Valentine’s Day? Contact us today and see how we are helping local businesses find local customers through our 5-mile Campaigns.

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