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Five Reasons your Business may benefit from Google Ads

For marketers and business owners, there’s no worse feeling than the annoying sound of crickets. No contact form submissions, phone calls, or online orders. This is when you realize that you must do the right thing to fill your pipeline.

Well, there are many moving parts in a successful online marketing strategy. Social media marketing, SEO, website user experience, content marketing, and Google Ads must all work together to ensure the wheels and cogs move smoothly. Here are the five reasons your business will benefit Google Ads campaigns.

1. You will pay for quality and strategic ads clicks

With Google Ads, you only pay for the specific keywords you bid for. For instance, if you’re a plumber and intend to generate leads for ‘plumbing companies in (location),’ you can bid on just those specific keywords. You will only be charged when someone clicks on the advert and visits your website.

2. It is possible to compete with giant corporations

Unlike TV ads in the late 1980s and 1990s, where companies required a huge budget to get on the air, today’s businesses can get started on Google Ads campaigns at any budget. Google Ads works on a monthly budget formula of 30.4 days X daily budget, where "daily budget" can be anything, even a penny! Also, based on our experience, in our local market, we really see Google Ads become effective at $1000 or more in a monthly budget.

Once you begin seeing conversions, whether it is contact form submissions or eCommerce purchases for an eCommerce platform and prove the efficiency of this form of adverts, you can think of increasing your budget. The fact that Google Ads don’t require too much capital means startups compete with big companies.

3. Flexibility

Google Ads allows you to specify different variables, which include keyword match, the exact time the ad will be displayed, the locations where it will be shown, and more. Besides, using ads extensions can help specify what’s displayed, and this could include product image or your contact information.

Also, you can target more than the first-click audience through remarketing. This approach allows you to keep in touch with individuals who visited your site once and didn’t buy. There’s a good chance they will see your advert a few days later and probably reconsider their choices.

This level of flexibility allows you to add an Ad push to nearly any other online marketing campaign. Remember, you can stop as soon as your ads have run their course.

4. Better ROI

Google Ads campaigns are associated with higher ROI. You will need to pay Google per a single click, and that’s your investment. Generally, Google Ads boost click-through rates, and there’s a greater opportunity for conversion. By adhering to the rules such as effective bidding, generating the best keywords, and more, these clicks can be easily converted into business.

5. Improves hands-on experience

Google Ads campaigns offer sites instant traffic, and thus, they become effective direct marketers. Internet users can perceive such websites as famous. That means they can easily click on these sites to make purchases.

Now that you know some of the reasons your business should be benefiting from Google Ads, it’s time to set up an effective Google Ads campaign.

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