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Five Signs Your Small Business May Need A Growth Advisor

How would you know if your small business needs a growth advisor? Here’s our guide for the signs to look for.

Five Signs Your Small Business May Need a Growth Advisor

If your business has hit a plateau or is just not going where you need it to go, your small business may need a growth advisor. Here are the signs to look for.

  1. Your Results Aren’t Meeting Expectations - A startup is expected to grow quickly and acquire new business rapidly. A team is formed and the sales process is established. But what do you do if you don’t get the expected results? What if the outcome isn’t what you were expecting, and things start to look like they’re going downhill? When results don’t meet your expectations, it’s time to embrace new strategies for business development that a growth advisor can provide.
  2. Your Mature Business Needs To Re-Invent Itself - If your mature and established business has hit a plateau, where new growth and broadening scope doesn’t seem possible, consider hiring a growth advisor. You need new ideas and a fresh perspective. You need to re-invent the business in order to discover opportunities that you aren't seeing. Even if you’re meeting your sales and revenue targets, a fresh perspective from a growth advisor can introduce a new dimension of business expansion that no one else thought of. 
  3. You Need To Manage Morale / Instill A Growth Mindset - When your business is rapidly expanding and unexpected things are happening, employees can feel insecure, and resist the change. They may feel like they’re no longer needed and develop doubt and apprehension. When this happens, a growth consultant can help your employees understand what’s happening, and put them at ease by reassuring them of how important they are. Employees are essential to your business. You can’t aim high and set new growth benchmarks unless and until your employees have the growth mindset.  Unfortunately, you can’t just teach employees the growth mindset. It has to be shown and executed in real-time. A growth advisor will be able to decode the psychology of your employees and remove the obstacles and hurdles that are getting in the way of embracing the growth mindset. A growth advisor will show employees how simple, positive moves can trigger growth that will lead to unexpected levels of expansion. Through the growth advisor, employees will learn about market potential, the value of their products and services, and how they can leave a mark in your industry, using the talent and skills they already have. The idea of growth hacking and the growth mindset needs to be instilled in every member of your business, it’s what makes the difference between good companies and great ones.
  4. Your Business Needs A Fresh Perspective - Your business started with the dreams of the founder, and then shared with the employees and investors who became part of the success story. It’s possible, however, to get so wrapped up in the original dream, that you fail to see what else is possible. You can easily get stuck in the loop of micro-management and operations when in reality, you need new ideas that reach beyond your current horizon. A growth advisor can introduce fresh perspectives and new and unique angles into the bigger picture, and help you to see the true potential of your business. Business growth is a complicated process, and a growth advisor can provide the outside perspective needed to reveal avenues of growth avenues and guide you in the process of taking the actions needed for increased growth and income.
  5. You Have Hidden Opportunities & Potential that Need To Be Unlocked - The elements for ensuring consistent business growth are sales, marketing, strategy, and leadership. The possibilities that these elements offer can help you find growth opportunities within your business. You’ll never realize these opportunities, however, if you fail to see them. It has nothing to do with your efforts and decisions, but rather an ignorance of what’s possible. It’s easy to get stuck in a loop of your existing skills and expectations and never break out of it. When this happens, it impacts the growth of your business. A growth advisor with experience and expertise in understanding and developing businesses can see the hidden potential and opportunities that you might not be able to see. Using sales, marketing, strategy, and leadership, a growth advisor can steer your business towards new ways to grow and increase revenues.

If you want to know more about growing your business, read our article, “Five Growth Marketing Ideas for New Local Businesses”, or contact us.

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