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Five Uses of Ellipsis Targeted Emails Program

Five Uses of Ellipsis Targeted Emails Program

We created Ellipsis Targeted Emails Readymade Marketing Program to help busy small business owners save time and money on Email Marketing. The program includes everything you need for a successful Email Marketing Campaign such as a fully custom designed email template, professionally written content, tracking and analytics, and much more, and starts at as low as just 4 cents per email.

Here are the five common uses of Ellipsis Targeted Emails Program -

1. Regular Newsletter

Have our professional copywriters create the perfect newsletter for you. We can work with your content, just an idea, or entirely come up with our own content. Your newsletter will go out on time rain or shine, and with 100% perfection.

2. One-off Announcements

Need to make an urgent announcement about a deal or an offer, or a change of address? You can use Ellipsis Targeted Emails Program to take care of just that. Our staff of email marketers can put all the details together in a nice format, including graphic design, and send it out on time. Your customers won't miss a single announcement anymore!

3. Invitation Reminders

Hosting a seminar or a webinar? Want to make sure people RSVP to your event ahead of time? We got you covered! Your Ellipsis Targeted Emails Program can be setup to send out scheduled reminders, automatically filtering the people who have already RSVP-ed. Let us ensure people RSVP to your event while you handle rest of the things you need to be successful.

4. Customer Feedback

Getting customer feedback is always hard. In today's World no one has time to post a review about your business (unless if it's a bad review!). We make it easy for you to collect genuine customer feedback by automatically sending them thank you emails and asking how their experience was. Our professionally written email copy can help you collect those much needed reviews.

5. Receipts and Invoices

Are you manually sending those receipts and invoices? Take a break and start using Ellipsis Targeted Emails now! With this program, all you need to do us send us some basic details and we take care of the rest such as automatically sending your monthly invoices and payment receipts.


Want to learn more about this amazing program? Click the link below.

Ellipsis Targeted Emails Program


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