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Forget the old norm … but eat more ice-cream!

With the constant changes in our ability to do business and adapt to a new norm, which seem to be best described as no norm, with businesses, activities and places opening up just to shut down again, we have found it important to explore alternatives and find new things to hold on to and appreciate.

We are surrounded by amazing nature, large bodies of water, tall peaks with larger-than-life views and endless trails waiting to be explored by us. Lately we have been riding our bikes from Marin across Richmond Bridge via the Bay Trail across the Bay Bridge to have lunch on Treasure Island while gazing at the San Francisco Skyline. We have explored Nimitz Way high above Tilden Park and Wildcat Canyon, boasting the best views of both the San Francisco Bay and the East Bay area. We have had take-out dinner in picnic chairs by the side of the road on Mount Diablo while enjoying a breathtaking sunset. And best of all, during our new adventures and explorations, did we miss our old traditions and all the activities that came pre-packaged as the old norm? Not for a minute!  

By the way … don’t forget National Ice Cream Day this Sunday!

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