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Google Ads for Bullard Marks Veterinary Medical Center

Client Overview

Bullard Marks Veterinary Medical Center (BMVMC), based in Fresno, CA, is a reputable veterinary hospital committed to providing exceptional animal care services. Despite their dedication, BMVMC was struggling to achieve satisfactory results from their Google Ads campaigns, leading to inefficient spending and poor visibility.

The Challenge

BMVMC's investment in Google Ads was not yielding the desired outcomes. They were overpaying for campaigns that failed to generate meaningful results. The challenge was to optimize their Google Ads strategy to improve conversions, maximize their advertising budget, and attract a higher volume of prospective customers.

The Solution

Seeking a solution, BMVMC engaged Ellipsis Marketing, a marketing technology firm headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, renowned for its proficiency in digital advertising and marketing technologies. The goal was to revamp BMVMC's Google Ads approach and achieve measurable results.

Ellipsis Marketing executed a comprehensive strategy to address BMVMC's challenges:

  1. Compelling Ad Creation: Ellipsis designed high-quality search and display ads that effectively communicated BMVMC's unique services and brand identity. The ads were crafted to resonate with the target audience and clearly convey the hospital's commitment to veterinary excellence.
  2. Precise Audience Targeting: Ellipsis performed meticulous audience research and segmentation to identify the most relevant and responsive market segments. This ensured that the ads reached the right individuals who were more likely to become valuable customers.
  3. Strategic Keyword Analysis: Ellipsis conducted an in-depth keyword analysis, identifying the most relevant and high-performing keywords. These keywords were organized into separate ad groups, allowing for tailored messaging and optimization.
  4. Conversion Tracking: Ellipsis set up comprehensive conversion tracking, enabling BMVMC to accurately measure the success of their Google Ads campaigns. This allowed for better visibility into the impact of the ads on driving valuable actions, such as appointment requests or inquiries.
  5. Continuous Optimization: Ellipsis regularly monitored and fine-tuned the Google Ads campaigns. This involved analyzing performance data, making necessary adjustments to keywords and targeting, and refining ad copy to ensure optimal results.


The collaboration between Bullard Marks Veterinary Medical Center and Ellipsis Marketing yielded tangible and significant outcomes:

  1. Increased Conversions: BMVMC experienced a noticeable increase in conversions from their Google Ads campaigns. The strategic ad design, refined audience targeting, and keyword optimization collectively contributed to attracting more valuable leads.
  2. Efficient Budget Utilization: With Ellipsis's targeted approach, BMVMC's advertising budget was better allocated, resulting in improved utilization of ad dollars. The campaigns were optimized to focus on the most promising segments, reducing wastage and enhancing ROI.
  3. Enhanced Customer Reach: The revamped Google Ads strategy led to a higher volume of prospective customers reaching out to BMVMC. The refined messaging and effective targeting helped create a strong brand presence among the target audience.
  4. Measurable Impact: The implementation of conversion tracking provided BMVMC with clear and quantifiable insights into the impact of their Google Ads efforts. This allowed for informed decision-making and optimization based on actual data.


Through their collaboration with Ellipsis Marketing, Bullard Marks Veterinary Medical Center achieved a successful transformation of their Google Ads strategy. The partnership demonstrated how a well-structured, data-driven approach can lead to increased conversions, efficient budget allocation, and improved customer engagement. BMVMC's commitment to providing exceptional veterinary care was matched by Ellipsis's expertise in digital advertising, resulting in a winning formula for online advertising success. The positive results showcased the potential of strategic digital marketing in driving business growth and achieving tangible outcomes.

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