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Grow Your Memberships with Ellipsis Readymade Membership Management System

Is your membership organization missing opportunities because you have an outdated website? Are hours of back-office work holding back your potential? We can help! We’ll help you effortlessly grow your membership organization for less than $250/month! We’ll design, develop and maintain a custom-made, modern, mobile-ready membership website for you, including a full membership management system!

Your time is valuable! Don’t waste your valuable time messing around with do-it-yourself membership management software that uses outdated technology, offer limited features, and create more work for you! Don’t overpay! Custom designing your own membership management solution can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars you don’t need to spend! For less than $250/month, we’ll help you grow your membership organization effortlessly without breaking your budget. Get more value for your money!


Here's what Ellipsis Readymade Membership Management System includes for less than $250/month

  • A modern mobile-ready website hosted and managed by our team that provides a better experience to visitors and existing members.
  • More ways to get new members through your website and email.
  • Monthly newsletter automation.
  • A completely automated membership signup and renewal process.
  • A modern events management system fully integrated into the website that helps you sell more event tickets and sponsorship packages easily.
  • An easy and secure way of collecting one-time and repeat donations.
  • An easy way of bringing volunteers to help your organization.
  • Sell merchandise online and easily ship it to your customers.
  • Detailed reporting.
  • A personal membership growth advisor.
  • An occasional spotlight in our newsletter that goes out to about 12,000 small business owners in the Bay Area.
  • For nonprofit organizations, special nonprofit recognition from us that allows you to collect up to 1% revenue from our sales, and an up to 15% discount on all marketing services.

You’ll get the combination of state-of-the-art custom-designed software and high-quality full-service and support! Your new website will give new visitors and existing members a modern and enjoyable experience. Your custom solution will increase new memberships, manage events, sell event tickets and sponsorships, put your donations on autopilot, bring volunteers on board, and even sell merchandise. You get all of that without spending any of your valuable time on spreadsheets and phone calls.


Here's why Ellipsis Readymade Membership Management System is the best solution for you

For less than $250/month, we become your outsourced memberships management team. We’ll provide you with comprehensive membership software, an eCommerce website, and full-service and support (with others you only get a self-service tool with limited capabilities). Other benefits include:

  • A solution that’s customized for your needs, not a cookie-cutter solution you’ll get from somebody else.
  • A modern mobile-ready website, custom-designed for you, unlike the others where you’ll still need website development and management.
  • Full service and support, including your personal membership growth advisor, that no self-service tool offers.
  • Continued support after the training is done that others won’t provide.
  • A fixed rate of less than $250/month no matter how many members you have. Other membership management tools charge based on the number of members (which can get really expensive as your organization grows).


Here's what our clients (other membership-based organizations) have to say about us:

We’ve provided effective and game-changing solutions for membership organizations just like yours, including Chambers of Commerce, Historical Societies, School Athletics Clubs, and a variety of nonprofit organizations. Don’t take our word for it… Here’s what our clients have to say:

Ellipsis Marketing manages our school's Athletics website and also helps us with graphic design as and when needed. They are local, reliable, and great to work with. We are very happy with their digital marketing services. -- Timothy Sbranti, Dublin High School Athletic Department, Dublin, CA

Thank you, Ellipsis Marketing, for giving the Dublin, California Chamber of Commerce Website a new modern look! We love the new web design. We keep receiving great compliments from local businesses about our new website. Thank you so much! -- Inge Houston, Dublin Chamber of Commerce, Dublin, CA


Start growing your membership organization effortlessly by switching to the Ellipsis Readymade Membership Management System today, instead of staying with your outdated website and time-consuming back-office processes that are costing you opportunities. Get started now by booking your free consultation to see how Ellipsis Readymade Membership Management System can help your organization be more than what it is now!



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