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Growing Business With Print Mailers

Many marketers rely on print mailers for growing their business. However not everyone enjoys the kind of returns that justify the cost of print mailers. Here are the three most important things you should do in order to get great results from print mailers.

1. Create segments and separate content for each segment.
Many businesses come to us for print mailers marketing with extremely broad scope and no clear idea about their target segment. For print houses this is great because this simply encourages the idea of printing huge bulk of mailers. In theory, the larger your audience size, the more leads you can generate. Right? Wrong! Successful print mailer campaign starts by carefully understanding the target market and splitting it into separate segments, and coming up with mailers specific to each segment. In this way, you have a higher chance of resonating with your prospect, and hence a higher chance of conversion. This also means keeping yourself away from bulk mailing strategies.

2. Keep messaging short, simple and memorable.
Just like banner Ads, print mailers tend to have short attention span. The lesser the content resonates with the reader, or harder it is to read and comprehend, greater are the chances that your mailer will be just thrown in the dust bin without even being read! While there's no way to completely avoid this, but you can certainly improve your chances by keeping the message short, simple and memorable; something that your target segment would understand quickly and will remember.

3. Have a compelling offer that's hard to turn down.
Last, but not the least, come up with an offer that's so compelling that it's hard to turn down. This doesn't mean lowering your price down to the bottom, or creating a sense of urgency (such as saying 'offer valid until' and things like that). It is really about how you can connect with your target segment and give them an offer that truly makes sense for them.

Here's an example.

An auto repair shop wanted to run an oil change promotion. After studying their local market, they realized that there's a segment of busy professionals who love going to the soccer field on Sundays to watch the games. The auto repair shop collaborated with the local soccer tournament organization to distribute print mailers to their subscribers who are busy professionals. The mailer said something like 'We will change oil while you are at the game this Sunday! Simply leave your car key at the valet with this mailer'. This immediately resonated with the target audience. Many thought it was a great idea, and they would have paid more than the asking price just for the convenience they were getting! This simple tactic of reaching out to the right audience at the right time, at the right place, and with the right messaging, produced 10X marketing ROI for the auto repair shop, and a whole lot of new long term customer relationships.

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Gautam Tandon

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