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Here's Your Holiday Social Media Plan For Less Than $3/day

In today's World Holiday Marketing is incomplete without Social Media Marketing. More and more people are spending considerable time of the day staring into their smartphones, mostly spending time on their favorite Social Media Channels. And speaking of Social Media Channels, the crown jewel of them all is Facebook. How important it is for you to be on Facebook? Very important! Here's why - 1.62 billion people use Facebook every day; Among active US Facebook users, 74% of them use it every day; People spend over an hour every day on Facebook. To be blunt, if you are not promoting yourself to them, then your competitors are.

Here's a simple Social Media Marketing Plan to help you promote your products and services during the holidays. And best of all it will cost you less than $3/day!

Make Your Facebook Business Page "Facebook Friendly"

Your Facebook Business Page is like your website on Facebook. The kind of header photo, description, story, posts, events, and hashtags you use decides how visible your page and your posts are going to be on Facebook. Just like you need to follow some website development best practices to be able to rank higher on Google, you need to follow some Facebook best practices to be able to easily found on Facebook. Here's a great resource for you to help you make your Facebook page more searchable and Facebook Friendly - https://www.facebook.com/business/a/page/build-your-page

Publish High Quality, Unique Posts on Weekly Basis

Although most people think that when it comes to posting on Facebook, "more the merrier" should be your philosophy, we disagree to that. As a "consumer of Social Media" myself, I can't imagine how annoyed I'd be if I see 5 posts daily from a brand, no matter how much I may love them. A study done by Buffer reveals that optimal number of posts for Facebook (for small businesses) is anywhere between two to three posts per week. But for many small businesses, writing even two posts a week is challenging. There's just not much going on in their businesses and within the local community.

When it comes to choosing between quantity and quality, always go for quality. An average person receives hundreds of posts in his or her daily feed. Most people simply scroll through the posts, only staying on posts from friends and family they know, occasionally stopping at a post that really catches their attention. If you can't create an attention grabbing post, all your Facebook Marketing effort is going waste. Period. Create content that will make people stop and see what you have to show. Write quality content with keywords and hashtags that are carefully researched so as to be able to produce best results. Measure your post engagement and continue to make improvements.

The $2.80 Social Media Holiday Marketing Program

And here's your $2.80 Social Media Holiday Marketing Program - https://ellipsismarketing.net/readymade-marketing/social-media-marketing

It's simple. It's full service. We make your Facebook Business Page "Facebook Friendly". We create weekly high quality posts with eye catching photos. We measure and optimize. So you can check Social Media Marketing off of your list this holiday season. All for just $2.80/day. Call us today to get started!

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