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How Cross Channel Marketing Brings Down Marketing Cost

How Cross Channel Marketing Brings Down Marketing Cost

The task of picking the right marketing channel is far more difficult today than it ever was. Not only do marketing channels change with time, they change at a personal level for each consumer as time passes by. Consumers react and interact and engage in different ways based on the time and place they are. With so much variability going on, the cost of marketing can grow exponentially. Cross-channel marketing is one way to keep costs in control and create beautiful customer experience throughout their customer journey.

Increased Focus Towards Customer Journeys
Cross-Channel marketing philosophy forces the business to think about the customer journey in a more realistic manner. Today's customers crisscross between various channels based on the time and place. They interact and engage using different means. As a marketer, the approach of cross-channel marketing helps in thinking about the customer behavior and journey first, and the channel specific marketing approaches later. This sets up a solid foundation for a cost-effective marketing campaign.

Integrated Marketing Mindset
With a solid customer journey in mind, as a marketer starts putting together a marketing campaign, he/she inherently starts thinking of marketing in a much more holistic manner. The understanding of how various marketing channels can be interrelated and what kind of impact they can have on each other starts to demystify. Thus, the marketer starts thinking of marketing execution in a more integrated fashion. Teams work more closely and with a better understanding of the customer journey, the need, and the business goal.

Easier Mapping Between Business and Marketing Goals
With a siloed marketing approach, it becomes hard to tie channel specific performance to the business goal. That's because each marketing channel has its own way of measuring results, which may not easily map to the business goal. With cross-channel marketing approach, marketers can orchestrate campaigns with a more holistic mindset, and therefore can easily map individual channel specific marketing goals to the business goal.

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