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How Local Businesses Can Benefit From Integrated Cross Channel Marketing

In our previous article, we talked about how cross channel marketing brings down marketing cost. Here, we will continue the topic but with a focus on local businesses. We will discuss some of the top marketing concerns of local businesses and how they can be remedied through thoughtful, simple, and integrated cross-channel marketing techniques.

Delivering a consistent message across channels
Local businesses have been marketing across various channels long before the term 'cross-channel marketing' became a buzz word. Irrespective of the size of the business or marketing revenue, they all have done marketing across channels in some form or fashion. However, doing that seamlessly across channels has always been a challenge, mainly because of lack of access to appropriate tools and technologies that simplify cross-channel marketing execution. However, with platforms such as ellipsis, local businesses too can now do cross-channel marketing with ease. They can also deliver consistent message across channels without bending over backwards.

Having a clear picture of marketing spend across channels
Most local businesses hardly care to measure performance of their marketing efforts. While this was OK decades back when there were fewer marketing channels, ignoring this now can be one of the biggest mistakes. Inappropriate spending precious dollars at the wrong marketing channels and activities is one of the main reasons why many local businesses fail within the first five years of inception. But with a clear and integrated cross-channel marketing approach, businesses start off with a mindset of carefully measuring the impact of one marketing channel on another, and the importance of measuring marketing performance. Overall, this helps them having a much clear picture of their marketing spend across all channels, appropriately allocate their marketing dollars on the right channels and adopt the right marketing technologies.

Giving undivided attention to your customers through personalization
Another important benefit of having an integrated cross-channel marketing approach is the ability to provide an undivided attention to the customer through personalization. As businesses start connecting the dots across customer's cross-channel journey, they can understand the customer's needs and wants in a more candid fashion. Questions like 'what excites this customer?' and 'what's more important for that customer?' become easier to answer.

There are a lot of benefits of having an integrated cross-channel marketing strategy. Unfortunately, however not many local businesses adopt it, mainly because of the cost concerns and a general perception that this kind of approach is only relevant for large enterprises. But if local businesses also start approaching their marketing efforts with integrated cross-channel marketing mindset, they can reap not just the above-mentioned benefits but many, many more.

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Gautam Tandon

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