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How Local Charities Can Benefit from Ellipsis Charity Program

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Local Charities are the hidden gems of our communities. They fill the gaps that are often left unfilled by other organizations. Their role in helping solve issues such as hunger, education, homelessness, mental and physical health, poverty, is second to none. However, unfortunately, many local charity organizations struggle with resources and capital they need to do their job effectively. We, at Ellipsis Marketing, are passionate about helping build thriving local communities, and we recognize the important role that Local Charities play in making that happen. That’s why, we introduced our Local Charity Program earlier this year.

What is Ellipsis Charity Program?

Ellipsis Charity Program is designed to help local charities thrive and achieve their goals without worrying about capital or marketing. We donate a portion of our sales to help local charities with their capital needs. In addition, all local charities get special discounted pricing on our full-service local marketing programs including website development or enhancement, Social Media, SEO, print mailers and postcards, email marketing, and more.

How does Ellipsis Charity Program work?

Donations through Ellipsis Charity Program works as follows –

  1. Our clients select their favorite charity organization.
  2. When they purchase our full-service local marketing programs, we simply take a portion of the sale and donate that money to their favorite charity.

There is no extra charge to the client. There is no processing fee for the local charity. There is no maximum limit to how much a charity can earn. There’s no minimum limit to how much a client must spend on marketing.

Discounted full-service marketing programs for charities work as follows –

Once a charity enrolls with us, they automatically see our special discounted pricing. There is no need for a coupon code or asking for special discount; it is automatically applied at the time of purchase of our full-service marketing program.

How can a charity enroll into this program?

Simply create a free Ellipsis Marketing account. Email us relevant documentation proving your organization’s non-profit charity status.


Click here for more details about this program: https://ellipsismarketing.net/nonprofit-offer.php



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