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How Smart Phones Can Make Customer Journeys Seamless

How Smart Phones Can Make Customer Journeys Seamless

We all know how smart phones have completely changed the way we interact with each other. But innovation hasn't ended just there. The next big movement is in using smart phones as a bridge between humans and machines – Making seamless customer journeys a reality.

Our current World is filled with objects that are completely disconnected with each other. From our chair to our fridge to our bed – every object gives us some ability to interact and control. However what's missing is the interconnection of these objects between themselves – which if done beautifully – would lead to what can be thought of as an 'artificial organism'. The next big task would then be to make humans an integral part of this 'artificial organism'. Smart phones can play a vital role in making that happen.

In some sense smart phones act as carriers of 'Physical World Interaction Protocol – (PWIP) Cookies' – very much like 'HTTP Cookies' in the Web. As we move and interact with things around us, smart phones give us the capability to identify ourselves with these things with the least amount of friction. In addition they also help us share important information with these things, which would eventually make rest of the ecosystem smarter and more self-aware about us – something what HTTP Cookies do in the Web.

A smarter and more self-aware ecosystem would lead to customer journeys that are truly seamless, frictionless and create win-win situations for everyone involved in the process.

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Gautam Tandon

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