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How to Add Loyalty App Feature to Your Small Business Website

Whether you sell online or in-store, offering a loyalty or reward program is a proven way of getting repeat customers and increasing sales. In this article you will learn how loyalty programs work and how you can add loyalty app feature to your small business website.

What is a loyalty app?

A loyalty app is generally an iPhone or Android App, or even a widget on your website that helps in streamlining the process of rewarding customers for buying your products/services so they keep coming back to you! Customers like it because they appreciate getting rewards for their purchases and they love redeeming those rewards later in the form of special discounts or gifts.

Keeping a record of each customer's rewards in an excel sheet, and communicating with them when they are eligible for redeeming those points, can become really time consuming. A loyalty app completely automates this process, saving you a ton of time and money in the long run. It can instantly reward customers at the time of purchase, send automated reminders when they are eligible for redeeming their rewards, offer special discounts based on customer's purchase history, and much more.

While all this sounds great, loyalty app may or may not be right for your business. For example, loyalty apps and programs work well for pizza shops, salons, gyms and fitness centers, yoga studios, grocery stores, chiropractors, dentists, boutique stores, restaurants and pretty much any kind of business where customers go on weekly/monthly basis. But it may be useless for a business that works on public works government contracts such as roads and bridges. A marketing specialist will be able to help you in making the right choice.

What to consider in your loyalty app and program?

The success of loyalty app depends on how you have set up your loyalty program. For example, if customers don't find your reward points valuable enough, or if your constant notifications bother them, they may leave your loyalty app, and even worse, may even go to your competitor for better customer experience!

Competitors - Look at what programs your competitors are offering. Your loyalty program will work if it's same or better than what your competitors offer.

Profitability - Repeat business and increased sales are great, but not at unreasonable expense. The sole purpose of loyalty apps and loyalty programs is to create a win-win situation for everyone. Come up with discounts that will work well not only for your customers but for you too. Consider what impact your loyalty app will have on your customer's overall lifetime value, and come up with rewards that create win-win situation.

Simplicity - Make your loyalty program so simple that even a five year old can understand it. If you are implementing a loyalty program for the first time, go small and simple. For example, you could offer 1 point for every $10 of sale. Each point could be worth 25c. When customer accumulate 100 points, you can send them a $25 gift card.

Ease of Use - Make sure to evaluate how seamlessly your loyalty app works with the rest of your business. For example, if your customers can already create their account on your website, you don't want them to be creating another account just for maintaining their reward points. When customers purchase products/services from you, they shouldn't need to go back home and add those purchases manually for collecting rewards.

Flexibility - Your loyalty app should be flexible enough so you can easily change your loyalty program based on changing business conditions. Stay away from apps that have rigid one time setup with no easy way of making changes in the future. You will be making a lot of changes in the beginning when you are setting up all the things, especially if you are doing this for the first time. So make sure your loyalty app is flexible enough.

Adding loyalty app feature to your small business website

With Ellipsis Readymade Website Program, you can get one of the most advanced loyalty app features built into your website. Your customers will get a seamless experience, which will increase the likelihood of them actually using your loyalty program. You can customize the reward points whichever way you like and make it super easy for your customers to be able to redeem reward points in future purchases.

Unlike most loyalty app programs that are priced based on the number of customers that are there on your app, our program has a fixed low monthly cost that does not change based on the number of customers. Price remains the same even if you have thousands of customers! Plus, we provide full ongoing support and maintenance so you can be rest assured that you are not going to be left alone after the program has been set up. One of the most time consuming parts of setting up a loyalty rewards program is... well setting up the loyalty rewards program! And that's where our team of experts will work for you and do the initial setup, and provide you the necessary training to make your loyalty program successful.

Ready to add loyalty app to your small business website? Contact Ellipsis Marketing Specialist today!


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