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How To Increase Followers On Facebook For Free

Facebook can be a great channel for marketing your business. Before you spend a bunch of money on advertising though, check out these ideas for how to increase followers on Facebook for free.

How To Increase Followers On Facebook For Free

To get the most out of your Facebook marketing, you need to get as many people to follow you as you can. Here are some ways to get more followers for free.

  • Post content that people will "like" or "share"
    • Include a call to action (CTA) in your posts. Try using CTA buttons to direct people to do something. 
    • Run contests, such as commenting on posts or submitting a photo to enter, with the potential for participants to win something of value to them 
    • Post information that your viewers can and will share on their own profiles. Funny, informative, appealing (like a giveaway), and innovative content works well.
    • Go beyond posts that promote your goods and services. Have some fun with GIFs, memes, videos, etc.
    • Use a variety of different content types, in terms of topics and media, when posting. You don’t want your fans getting bored and leaving because you’re sharing the same stuff all the time.
    • Ask existing followers for help such as favors, feedback, etc.
    • Create and post original videos that are at least 3 minutes long.
    • Make sure your posts are relevant to your audience by tracking which posts people are reading and responding to. Look at the number of comments and shares posts are getting since these are what affect the Facebook algorithm and your marketing results the most.
    • Gather feedback and check out your competition to figure out how frequently you should be making posts. There are even best times to post content related to keywords, depending on the type of engagement you want.
    • Post consistently to stay in front of your audience and optimize for the Facebook algorithm.
    • Use the People tab of Facebook Insights to discover information about your audience and the people who are engaging with your posts. Review this information regularly to make sure your content is optimized to attract the audience you want for your business.
    • Get inspiration for new posts from the pages of businesses with similar audiences. See which posts are generating engagement and take note of the type of media, the format of the media, the type and length of the copy, and the tone.
    • Share photos or content sent or posted by followers to show that your community and customers matter. Make sure to ask for their permission and give credit to the creator.
  • Encourage people to follow you
    • When someone follows you return the favor with likes and shoutouts.
    • Ask followers/likers to turn on the "Get Notifications" feature for your page.
    • Put a Facebook link at the bottom of any marketing emails, blog posts, and on your website, to make it easy for people to get to your Facebook page and start following you.
    • Take advantage of the people who already like you by inviting your email subscribers to follow your Facebook page. You’ll be giving them more of what they want.
    • Use the FLC (follow, like, comment) formula. On your competitors’ pages, go through their follower list and follow, like, and comment on users’ posts. There’s a good chance that they will follow you back.
  • Join groups and post updates to them
    • Don’t just make sales pitches in other people’s groups. Instead, provide value by asking questions, being friendly, answering questions in a helpful way, and sharing your valuable insights.
    • “Exchange” posts with followers (they get posts on your sites and you get posts on their sites) to multiply the number of impressions and views each of your posts gets.
    • Ask followers/likers to change their preferences so that your posts will be shown in their feed.
    • Ask followers to engage with your posts, so they will be seen by their followers/likers also.
    • Create your own Facebook group. It should serve a purpose that’s important to your followers. Figure out how your product or service addresses a need and make a group focused on it. The community should focus on the core topic and provide a forum for people to talk about their passions, problems, or needs. 

Ready to jump-start your Facebook marketing but not sure that you want to do it yourself? Read our article Five Reasons hiring a Social Media Expert instead of doing it yourself can save you Money, or get in touch with us right now!

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