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How to Submit Your Guest Blog

If you love sharing your knowledge on topics that matter most to small businesses, startups or non-profits, we welcome you to write a guest blog on our website. You will get full credit for your submission, including your name, company name and URL, at no cost! Here's what you'd need to keep in mind:

What kind of topics do we accept?

We accept topics that are related to helping small businesses, startups or non-profit organizations. For example, how to start a small business, how to incorporate a non-profit organization, how to apply for a business loan, how to open a business banking account, marketing case studies, and so on. Our readers are (generally speaking) non-technical people who are in-charge of sales and revenue growth. Blogs that are more strategic in nature than tactical, will resonate more with our readers.

We don't accept product reviews, promotional content, deals, offers, announcements, summaries of already published blogs, etc.

How long can the blog be and what all types of content can it include?

First and foremost, your blog must be free from plagiarism. It must be submitted to be exclusively published on our website. Also, all content in the blog such as pictures, charts, photos must be either copyright free or must be created by you. By submitting the blog to us, you will be releasing us from any copyright violations.

Your blog must be 750 to 1000 words long. It must be written in English (US), and without any grammatical or syntactical errors. The blog can contain one header image and up to 5 supporting images such as charts, graphs, etc. It may contain up to three external links or references to other websites.

All links will be reviewed by our team. Links to only non-competing businesses will be allowed. We reserve the rights to remove or replace links and references as necessary.

Will we add credit/source to the guest blogger?

Absolutely! Your name and a short bio will be included in the blog, at the bottom.

Is there a fee for guest blogging?


What is the process of submitting a guest blog?

  1. Email your blog in Word document to bob@ellipsismarketing.net, with the subject line "GUEST POST SUBMISSION". Include your name and short bio at the bottom of the blog. By submitting a guest blog, you give us full rights to use the blog and release us from any copyright violations.
  2. All blogs will be reviewed as they are received. We typically are able to make a decision within 4-6 weeks.
  3. You will be informed if your blog needs further edits, or if it has been accepted.


Thank you for reading our guest blog submission process. We look forward to sharing your knowledge with our readers!


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