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Importance of Remarketing in Successful Google AdWords

Google’s advertising platform has been evolving for many years. More features are being added to help marketers increase their ROI. One of the concepts that could bring a positive change in your marketing campaigns is remarketing. After all, it makes sense to market to individuals who have already shown interest in your business site, Facebook page, and other relevant online platforms.

What is remarketing?

It is a form of online advertising that allows you to show targeted adverts or ads to users who have already visited your website. People who previously visited your business websites will see these ads while reading news websites, watching videos on YouTube, and browsing the web.

If you have been advertising with Google, add a piece of Google retargeting code, known as pixel or tag to your website. That means your website visitors will be added to your remarketing group via browser cookies. Be sure to customize the code for various pages to correspond to more defined categories.

Benefits of remarketing in Google AdWords

Higher conversion rates

Remarketing naysayers are somewhat conservative with impression frequency caps in a bid to avoid offending the potential customer. But this isn’t the case with remarketing Google AdWords. A recent survey revealed that conversion rates increase as more consumers see an ad within a well-structured remarketing campaign.

Sure, the click-through rates are likely to decline, but consumers who click on ads that they had seen previously become twice as likely to take your desired action. People are busy and remarketing gives them a gentle reminder to finish what they began on your business website. These consumers are getting to know your brand, learning to trust you, and there’s a good chance they will do business with you.

Remarketing is a powerful tool for conversion rate optimization

The conventional notion of a marketing funnel is an outdated concept for conversion rate optimization. Today, you no longer need to go from user impressions to clicks, to conversion, losing leads on your leaky website landing pages. The reality is that the funnels is a 15-year old desktop concept, and consumer behavior is changing.

Today, your prospects can parachute into your funnel at different stages. It’s like a river. Consumers can flow from nearly any point, and they will not leave, thanks to Google AdWords remarketing.

Wrap up

Remarketing is an integral component for paid search, and Google AdWords aren’t an exception. It is a concept that can make nearly everything work. Don’t let your prospects forget you and leave. Remarketing Google AdWords will save the day.


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