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Improve your Chiropractic marketing strategy using our Ellipsis Guide

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Improve your Chiropractic marketing strategy using our Ellipsis Guide

Looking for ways to generate new patient leads? In your chiropractic practice, the patients are your customers. The best way to retain current patients remains providing outstanding care by way of helping them recover from their injuries, pain or mobility issues. However, an authentic chiropractic marketing strategy is vital to drive new patients while maintaining your loyal customer base. This week we have come up with a guide to enhancing your chiropractic marketing strategy.

Chiropractic Website

A good chiropractic website represents your brand. It may seem unnecessary, but having a well-built website that clients can easily navigate through to get information, makes you stand out from your competitors. Your website should include calls to action such as encouraging your visitors to schedule an appointment.

Create a website that is not only appealing but also contains the right content. Websites can help you maintain contact with your patients and other potential clients even when you are offline. It is one of the best strategies to maintain your presence in the digital world. On the flipside, however, share only content that is relevant and valuable on the website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A website will generate new leads on its own. With SEO you can optimize your online visibility which can direct leads to your website. SEO helps you show up at the top of search results when clients look for chiropractors or services offered by you in search engines such as Bing or Google.

Maximize social media marketing

Social Media is probably the best marketing channel for relationship-based businesses like chiropractic services. It allows you to show yourself and your services off and share your knowledge and advice. Establishing a strong presence on relevant social media sites can help you grow your practice. Make periodic posts, run ads, and share news or achievements about your chiropractic business and make sure that you have activated the share button on the sites. Encourage followers to interact with you on the sites and share their experiences of working with you.

Sponsor local groups and teams

Engaging with local groups and sports teams can help contribute to the exposure of your local chiropractic practice. Besides, you can use your office premises as a venue for hosting events on behalf of local groups and teams to enable you also to introduce new people to your business.

Partner with other healthcare related businesses

Healthcare partnerships can go a long way in helping you reach new patients. Local health care providers and related businesses make referrals to their clients on a daily basis. The more partnerships you establish, the more referrals you get. Just remember, to make referrals a two-way street. Develop contacts in public relations including partnerships with media houses and contribute to any opportunity they may have to discuss any issues in the chiropractic industry.

The partnerships can be a great avenue for referrals. Non-profit organizations, for instance, can also help you spread the word.

Email Marketing

Email is the perfect way to communicate with your existing patients. Use emails as reminders to remind clients of your services. Emails can boost your credibility and also provide another opportunity for your loyal clients to send you referrals. Effective emails contain chiropractic health and wellness advice. Also, try sending regular newsletters to your patients detailing some of your products and services.

Sponsor wellness programs

Sponsorship is an important way of showing your patients that you care for them. Dedicate some of your time to initiatives which promote health and wellness. Partner with other like-minded businesses and organizations to make the programs a success. This helps in broadening your client base as well as gaining new knowledge of the chiropractic industry.

Google Ads

Use Google Search Ads to be found by local residents who are actively searching for a chiropractor on Google’s and other search engines. Select relevant keywords and link your ads to a special landing page on your website domain. You pay for the ad when someone clicks on it. At first glance, Google Ads may seem expensive, but considering the low time commitment of running them and the potential of a long-term new client, it is a very efficient marketing channel.

If these ideas make sense, but you don’t know where to start, let us help you!

Happy Marketing!

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