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Introducing Basic, Bold and Badass Pricing Options

Introducing Basic, Bold and Badass Pricing Options

Today we proudly present to you our new pricing structure for local marketing programs. We call them "Basic", "Bold" and "Badass". As the names infer, the "Basic" option is for people who just want to get started; the "Bold" option is for people who are serious about local marketing and want to take the bold steps needed to be successful in today's World; and the "Badass" option is for people who are really, really serious in dominating their market. But it doesn't end there. If these options don't fit your needs, you can create your own custom plan! Pick the options that make the most sense for you and you'll see the exact price of what it'll cost.

We have also introduced some new features such as Call Center Support; with that you can have our team take inbound calls generated from local advertising. It's perfect for small teams that are busy supporting their clients and want to make sure no sales calls go unanswered. In addition, we now give you an option to further reduce the cost by allowing us to put our logo in your marketing material. If you are looking to save a few extra dollars, this is a perfect way to do so.

So how does this impact you, if you are an existing customer? Not at all! With this change we have simply introduced some more options that were originally hidden or implicitly included. Chances are you are already getting those features. For those of you who are on a lower price plan, good news is that your prices won't go up! For those of you who are on a higher price plan, good news is that your prices will automatically be adjusted and will go down! And if you are new to Ellipsis Marketing, you'll love our simplified, open, clear pricing and terms.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.


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