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Local Marketing ideas for March

Local Marketing ideas for March

The month of March offers a wide variety of marketing options for small businesses. Local business owners recognize that effective marketing is the key to the success of their businesses. Hence, they constantly look for new ways to reach their customers.
In this month, take advantage of holidays such as Easter and International women's day to market your business. Here are some of the local marketing ideas for March.

International women’s day

March 8 offers your business with a lucrative chance to market your business to the larger women fraternity.
Launch an appropriate email marketing campaign. For instance, if you run a local salon business, send out emails to your loyal customers to show that you appreciate them. Show how significant the occasion is for your business. Your recipients are likely to respond positively to your business.
Celebrate the women by offering discounts for any of the products or services that they seek from you. A few days before this day, create a promotion and share it in a number of platforms including social media.
Create relevant hashtags to help get your business more exposure on social media channels such as twitter, face book and Instagram. Some of the popular hashtags to use include #internationalwomensday and #celebratingwomen.
Take a picture of some of your female employees or customers and publish it in your social media account as well your business’s website as a way of celebrating them on this special day. Ensure that you accompany the photos with the right captions about the event.

National Nutrition Month

March is also known as the National Nutrition month. Is your local business ready for it? This month is often dedicated to educate the public on the importance of proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle.
Regardless of whether this resonates with your business or not, dedicate resources to provide nutritional tips to your customers and employees.
Organize food donation campaigns to a target community. Share this information through various social media channels to help your brand gain a positive impression from your clients and prospects.
If you own a wellness and fitness center such as a gym, hold a fitness event. Organize a seminar or health-inspired event such as Zumba, rock climbing or charity walks to raise awareness on your business and on physical wellbeing.
You should not let this opportunity to prove to the public that you care about their well-being pass you by. In addition, you can initiate or support a cooking event in the community. The goodwill will boost the image of your business significantly and build a class of loyal customers.

Pi Day

March 14 provides you with an incredible chance to surprise all math lovers and boost the image of your business. Draw attention to this day by creating relevant social media updates. You can create a pie eating or testing competition to help boost the image of your business on this day.
In addition, also create hashtags such as #sweetmath or #Piday or any other relevant hashtag on your twitter posts. Include beautiful pictures of pie and urge people to share pictures of the pie they have baked.
Pi Day is perfect for restaurants and education centers.

St Patrick’s Day

March 17 is a special day that you can also take advantage of to market your business. St Patrick’s Day traces its roots from the Irish people and has grown to be one of the best marketing opportunities for businesses. Embrace creativity and take an early advantage during the days preceding St Patrick’s Day to inform your customers the offers you have for them.
Create a green-themed atmosphere in your business on this day and offer discounts or special rewards to customers who wear green on this day. Create custom themes for your social media accounts and display the offers your business has for consumers on this day. Do not hesitate to include tags in your posts because it’s a positive trend that can boost the visibility of your posts.

Earth hour 

Earth hour is a great opportunity for local marketing.  Prove to consumers that you also care about the environment. Participate in this event by urging your customers to also take part by switching off their lights. Demonstrate that your business is also a strong support for environmental awareness by developing a promotional event which also includes sharing short but accurate information about the environment to consumers.
To ensure that your business stand out, be creative in the events that you organize as well as the posts you share on social media to raise awareness of earth day.

World Compliment Day

Imagine the feeling of putting a smile on another person’s face. That small gesture on March 1 to your customers can go a long way in building confidence with them as well as improving their loyalty to your business. One of the initiatives you can use on this day to compliment your customers is by sending them messages to show them how much you appreciate them. A simple “Thank you for shopping with us” message can make the customers believe that you care for them.
Participate actively on this day and use it to market your business to strangers also. Create a short thank you note and publish it on your website and also share it in your company’s social sites. In addition, you can great a hashtag like #thankyou on Twitter and other social media sites to boost the chances of your business attracting the attention of social media users.

Easter marketing 

The last days of the month of March offers your business another opportunity to grow and increase your sales during the Easter period. To maximize on this opportunity, offer discounts and share your promotional messages with customers and potential customers. Use social media extensively to boost the image of your company ahead of the Easter holidays and create creative content about some of the offers people should expect from your business.

All the best!

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