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Promote your Jewelry Business Locally with these Marketing ideas

Promote your Jewelry Business Locally with these Marketing ideas

The biggest challenge affecting small jewelry business owners is building credibility for their brands. Apart from wild competition from the big box stores and other independent retailers, developing a positive reputation to foster customer loyalty over time is the biggest local jeweler’s challenge. Through effective local marketing strategies, independent jewelers can understand their customers and plan promotional activities that will target precisely potential prospects.

If you sell jewelry, here are the best local marketing tips you can adopt:

Wear your Jewelry

The best and cheapest way to market your jewelry is wearing them every day and anywhere you go. Encourage your team to put on your best collection to show off your brand. Dress up anyone you go out with in your jewelry.

Potential clients have the opportunity to see how your jewelry is worn. Women often approach someone wearing something that they like and ask where they purchased it. People who admire your jewelry will eventually become customers.

Take good pictures for social media

High-quality photos show the beauty and quality of your jewelry. Potential clients will get attracted to your products through the good images your share across relevant social media platforms.

Besides, good images make your clients visualize how the jewelry would look on them. Encourage your customers to post and share photos wearing your jewelry on their social media, so as to help promote the products to their followers. This is also a way your customers can recommend your products to their followers.

You don’t have to purchase expensive cameras to take good photos, you can photograph your pieces with your phone

Create an impressive website

Your jewelry requires a beautiful website to attract more customers. It should be so attractive that your clients want to visit it more and more. Customers also check your website to find different types of products you have. Post photos of you and clients wearing your jewelry. Also include links to your social media pages and easy access to your contact information and pricing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO helps you target keywords that are specific to your local business.  Develop content on your blog and website that focuses on targeting the keyword phrases you have established to help you rank at the top of google search results when potential customers are searching for jewelry.

Paid online ads (Google search ads)

Once you have content developed that highlights your local keywords, you can get even more eyes on it by using location targeting with paid google search Ads. This allows you to have your advertisements shown only in the locations and user profile you select, helping you focus your marketing investment on the areas where you'll find the right local customers for your local jewelry business.

Look out for important dates

Take note of important holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s day or December holidays to give special offers targeting the right prospects. Market to your customers and stores around major life events to convince your clients that your jewelry is the best gift for these special occasions.

Give promotions in advance to remind people to buy your jewelry before these holidays. In addition, run jewelry marketing online ads and send postcards to your clients to help them remember your products when they go shopping. Seasonal campaigns will help drive up sales.

Form partnerships

There are several businesses with customers who may be interested in buying your jewelry. These businesses include specialty boutiques, local wedding planners, watch retailers and other clothing shops. You can offer discounts to your business partners every time they refer you. This cultivates a good relationship, hence increased sales.

After- sales follow up

Following up with customers after sales is a way of reminding them of your products. It also shows that you appreciate your clients. Follow-ups can be through thank you notes, email campaigns in form of a newsletter, mentioning new products, birthday notes, notes on jewelry care and announcing offers. This is a great way to build customer loyalty for your products.

It’s now time for action! Take advantage and apply these local marketing tips to help you grow your jewelry shop. Ellipsis can help you implement these marketing ideas through our affordable readymade marketing plans.

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