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Role of Social Selling For Small Businesses

Role of Social Selling For Small Businesses

Recently 16Best.net published a very insightful Infographic on Social Selling. Here we take a look at it from a perspective of small businesses.

So what is "Social Selling"?

The world of "buying and selling" business is changing and advancing day by day, moving from the digital era of buying and selling to a new concept of "Social Selling or Social Media Selling" wherein businesses use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ to sell and purchase items.

The concept is new and is being accepted widely by all social media users, and why not, because small businesses get the chance to pitch their products in a social pool of billions of active users and users get the opportunity to choose the product from a large variety and as per their requirements. 

The concept of "social selling" is a great way for small business to make their place in the increasing competition, though this is a new concept this is how social media is revamping the traditional way of buying and selling things. 

Here are few best platforms a small business can use to pitch in the pool of billions of active users.


Facebook first tried the social selling with a virtual gift test sale in February 2007, followed by releasing "Marketplace" in May 2007 which now is the hub of billions of users that visit it every day in search of various goods and products. Facebook Marketplace is one of the fastest growing digital market hubs that bringing communities together and helping small, medium and big companies pitch their products altogether at one place. 


The first ever use of Twitter for business was done by Dell in 2009 and Dell secured 9 million worth sales from twitter tweet alerts, after that twitter tried promoted tweets slowly making progress in the process twitter launched "Buy Now" in 2015 with various partners and since then Twitter is among best social marketplaces used to sell and buy products. 


Google entered the "Social Selling" in 2011 by entering in "Group Buy Space" and later launching Google offers. Google Offers is a service offered by Google in participation with partners where they provide daily discounts and coupons to all that can also be incorporated into Google Maps and Google Wallet. Again one of the best places for small and medium based businesses to advertise their products and services  


One of the biggest social media platform Facebook bought Instagram in April 2012, since then Instagram was working on integrating a marketplace. In June 2015 Instagram added "Shop Now" feature that was later replaced with Shopify version. Instagram recorded the highest average order value among all the social media with $65, making it one of the best places to introduce and advertise products and services.


Pinterest announced its version of "Social Selling" as "Purchase Pin" in June 2015 has recorded more than 12% of Social Commerce Revenue after Facebook and Twitter. Making it one of best five places for small business to pitch and offer to sell and buy their products


"Social selling" is a new concept of selling and buying but one of the best way to work in, and attract prospective billions customers or just starting from your own community. Small scale businesses must use this medium to ensure business growth and increase their sales. Are you thinking of making social selling part of your business growth plan? Or should you? Talk with us and our marketing and strategy experts will be able to assess your situation and provide you with valuable guidance. All consultations are free! Simply use the Contact Us form and describe your situation.

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