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Secrets to rapidly grow your Home Cleaning Service into a Larger Business

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Secrets to rapidly grow your Home Cleaning Service into a Larger Business

Wondering how to find new clients for your home cleaning business? Personal relationships and trust building are important, considering that you walk into your clients' private homes. Attracting customers to your home cleaning service is actually not getting them, but keeping and converting them into loyal customers as soon as they get to know your brand is the real deal. In other words, marketing is an ongoing process- attracting customers, converting and retaining them.

The truth is that there are many homeowners willing to pay to get their homes cleaned, but there is also stiff competition and it takes good marketing for you to stand out in the crowd of competitors. Whether you are an individual offering cleaning services, a businesses with several employees or referral services matching clients with cleaners, here are a few marketing tips:


Customers are often drawn towards good deals. A great discount or coupon can attract new customers. Offer a special price or bonus for initial service or to frequent customers. For instance, a carpet cleaning service with window washing as a bonus is a great marketing strategy. You can also provide a reward or free services to customers who refer you to other clients. Giving your clients discounts keep them happy and they will reward you with loyalty and more business. Just be careful not to attract “bounty” hunters, who will only use discounted services. You need to offer just enough to get them to try you out at a discounted rate and then stay with you at your regular rate.


Flyers are effective for marketing home cleaning services. You can put your flyers at local community locations or anywhere with notice board within your target location. For independent cleaners, you can distribute your flyers door to door and market your services directly to your clients. Remember to include your contact details, price, your name and description of your services …. and of course a good first-client deal.

Website and SEO

If you have a home cleaning business, it is important to have a website that is optimized for SEO, with keywords that help you appear in search engines like Bing or Google. Making your website SEO optimized will help you show up when clients search for services like yours in your target location.

Besides, having your website is a great way to introduce your business to your customers. Always include your services and pricing on your website.

Influencer Marketing

Industry and social media influencers can help promote a home cleaning business. Industry influencers can feature your business in their blogs or business publications to attract customers. A feature on your business on an online publication or blog can give you a chance to share advice and ideas concerning home cleaning.

Social Media Marketing

Social media (like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are great platforms to market your home cleaning business. They offer you an opportunity to engage, build trust and be personal. Through social media, you can build stronger relationships with existing clients as well as attract new customers.

Try Google Ads

When you use Google Ads, you promote your home cleaning service through the use of commonly used search keywords like “cleaning service”, “house cleaning near me”, “carpet cleaning” or any other relevant search terms. Search engine optimization and Google Ads help direct new leads to your website or a landing page.

Earn Referrals- Give Referral Bonus

Referrals can come from anywhere including family, friends, existing clients, referral groups and even competitors. Any person you meet can be a potential referrer for you. Designing an official referral program are especially beneficial when you want your existing customers to help you market your business. Referrals are essential since they can reduce customer acquisition cost even after paying out a referral bonus. You can offer your customers a referral bonus and frequent-user points to prompt them to share referral with you.

New to area postcards

Anyone moving to a new zipcode, town or state, will be looking to replace their portfolio of day-to-day services providers including home cleaning. Consider reaching out to those new movers while they are still searching. A nicely designed welcome postcard with a good first-time offer, can go a long way.

Home cleaning Business Certification

Agencies like Green Seal, ISSA, and IICRC can help in certifying your home cleaning firm when getting started. Certification build trustworthiness and credibility for your business. Some customers specifically search for certified home cleaning businesses.

Exceptional Customer Service

Since your employees are your organization’s face, you need to recruit the right individuals to develop trust among customers and promote healthy business practices. Experienced and professional employees are good for retaining clients. You can also spend money and time training your cleaners to offer quality services to clients. Employees should treat customers well, be warm to them, and use etiquette when interacting with them.

Hunt for Online Reviews

Reviews are similar to referrals. Customers prefer working with businesses receiving good reviews from other customers. Reviews can be collected anywhere including Yelp, Facebook, Google and even on your own website. Ask your happy clients to leave you a review. The more you get, the merrier. Five-star ratings are worth gold for your cleaning business.

Try Proven Traditional Marketing

You can also consider some of the more traditional marketing approaches like billboards and local Newspapers and magazines. Your ads must have attractive and creative designs and of course …. a good deal.

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