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SlimChic cost effectively soft launches new cosmopolitan drink in using Ellipsis Facebook Ads


SlimChic produced a new cosmopolitan drink targeted at calorie conscious consumers. They were looking soft launching the drink and testing it in the market before mass marketing. However, they were finding it difficult to drive awareness about their new drink because of the complexities involved in advertising alcoholic drinks on social media. They were looking for a reliable social media partner who understands the nuances of social media advertising for retail products including drinks.


Ellipsis Marketing created a high-quality social media campaign helping build awareness amongst SlimChic target audience. Considering the nature of the product, Ellipsis ensured to keep SlimChic in compliance with all the data and privacy laws that were applicable to marketing their drink on the Internet. SlimChic was provided with detailed insights, helping them incorporate real customer feedback and get the drink ready for mass-market.


SlimChic was able to soft-launch their new drink at a fraction of what other marketing agencies were charging. The valuable insights that Ellipsis Marketing provided to SlimChic, helped them get an even better understanding of their target demographics and adjust the drink for mass adoption. Today SlimChic is available at many retail outlets across the nation, with sales volumes growing thanks to the meticulous work Ellipsis did in the early stages of market identification.


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Gautam Tandon

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