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Ten Reasons Why Your Business May Benefit From Social Media Marketing

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One of the most effective (and still very much untapped) tools for turning startups and small businesses into worldwide brands is social media marketing. A lot of businesses in recent years have grown immensely, and this is due to the huge role that social media and social media marketing plays. Statistics already show that 90% of all brands use social media marketing to shift their business to the next level. For a small business owner who is asking “Do I really need it at this phase of my business?”, below are some compelling reasons why your business will benefit from it. 

1.​ Increase Targeted Traffic 

Whatever services you render or products you sell, a huge portion of your targeted clients makes use of social media every day. A research center revealed that:

  • 60% of American adults use Facebook. 
  • 45% of 18-24-year olds make use of Twitter
  • More than 70% of 18-24-year olds are on Instagram 
  • 37% of people above 65 years old are on social media 

No matter the age bracket you are targeting, they all use social media. When you take advantage of social media marketing using hashtags and quality content, your business will show up on their timelines, drawing them closer to your brand. 

2. ​Helps You Know What Your Audience Really Want

Social media marketing is a great tool for interacting with your targeted prospective clients. After posting your content, you can skim through their tweets and comments, get insights and find how to increase sales conversions on your products and services. 

3. ​Increase Brand Visibility

Social media marketing is the most efficient way of increasing your brand visibility on a global scale. As you begin to publish content on your business page, more and more people will be aware of your business, which will build your visibility globally, attracting more clients to your brand.

4. ​Drive More Leads To Your Website

One of the best ways to optimize your business website is through social media marketing. To achieve this, you need a formidable digital marketing team to create engaging content. Attractive visuals should be displayed on your social media pages which will lead your audience back to your website for sales conversion. 

5. ​Increased Sales 

Many people purchase a product after seeing it advertised on their social media news feed. That’s why social media marketing is a massive cash-pool. Your products and services can be displayed in such a way that it will lead your audience to where they can order them immediately. 

6. ​Certify Your Brand As An Authority

These days, most people heavily rely on social media to get information on a certain service or product. With the use of social media marketing, you sell your product and/or service through compelling content. In no time, your audience will start talking about and sharing your content with their friends, certifying your brand as an authority. 

7. ​Lowers Marketing Costs

Small business owners who have not taken advantage of social media marketing perceive it as a strategy too expensive to invest in. Compared to all the traditional forms of marketing, social media marketing is relatively cheap to operations, pushing your business to a global audience. When social media marketing tools are duly deployed, you won't even have to use any traditional marketing tools…ever. 

8. ​Stay Ahead Of Your Competition

With social media marketing fully in place, you see what your rivals in the business are doing, and how to surpass them. This is a marketing tool that will always put you ahead. 

9. ​Increased Customer Loyalty

Social media marketing is a great tool for increasing customer loyalty. Chances are as long as your business posts keep showing up on their feed, they will keep doing business with you.

10. ​Improved Customer Satisfaction

Social media marketing is not just a marketing strategy, but a communication strategy in improving customer satisfaction. With the aid of a social media marketing, automated and generic response to each customer’s complaints will be a thing of the past.


In conclusion, social media marketing is a powerful tool for transforming your small business into a big brand worldwide. Take a bold step and get in touch with our team of marketing experts today and we'll show what social media can do for you!




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