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The 5 Largest Social Media Platforms In 2021

Social media has grown to be a cornerstone of the computer age and has also proven to be something most people, especially business owners, can’t do without. Below are the 5 largest social media platforms in 2021, broken down.


1. Facebook


Facebook is known as the biggest social media platform in the world with 2.85 billion active users every month. That is about 36% of the people in the whole wide world. This indicates why it is undoubtedly the best platform to be able to advertise your businesses as it is almost impossible not to find a very good number of people from your target audience on Facebook. It is also very easy to create advertisements on this app as all content formats (images, videos, stories) work very smoothly and are also easy to access and understand. Apart from that, Facebook majorly aids in connecting different people from all over the world in a very tech-friendly manner.


2. YouTube


YouTube is a video-sharing website where people can create their own video channel, share videos, and get others to subscribe, watch, like and comment on their content. YouTube boasts of about 2 billion monthly active users, showcasing why it is one of the biggest social media apps in the world. Apart from giving people a platform to share videos and garner reactions, it also acts as a search engine that can be used in place of google. YouTube also creates an avenue for people to openly advertise their businesses and reach out to a lot of people interested in what they have to offer.


3. WhatsApp


WhatsApp is a messaging platform utilized by about 2 billion people spanning over 180 countries all over the world. People use WhatsApp to keep in touch with their loved ones and friends via chats and texts. WhatsApp has since expanded and evolved into allowing both small and big businesses to thrive, as they have set up sub-apps to be able to fully support different kinds of businesses all over the world, thereby making advertisements and operations for businesses very easy, smooth, and dependable. Here are some stories from businesses on how they have been using WhatsApp.


4. Facebook Messenger


Messenger is a worldwide messaging application that first started out as a sub-feature on Facebook just for chats, but it has now since been made a solo app after being very popular among people. Messenger is patronized by about 1.3 billion people who use the medium to chat and keep in touch with people from any part of the world. Messenger has also been of great help to businesses as it offers business owners the chance of advertising through creating Chatbots and sending newsletters to their various customers or clients.


5. WeChat


WeChat is a global social media platform that started out as a strictly messaging application but has since then converted into an ‘all-rounder’ platform that helps with functions like shopping online, transferring money, booking cabs and so much more. It is used by about 1.25 billion people, with the majority of its users from Asia and China in particular. WeChat plays a key role in assisting a lot of businesses to advertise on their platform by allowing them to display their promotional images and messages on the timelines of users and also below official articles of the website.


So when it comes to using social media marketing for growing a business, there are clearly a lot of good options to pick from. If you are interested in learning more about what social media marketing strategy might work for your business, please contact us!

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