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The power of Zillow for Real Estate Agents, Buyers, and Sellers

Zillow continues to dominate the greater New York City property market through rental listings on StreetEasy and its Hamptons portal Out East. This shows the power linked to real estate portals worldwide. Zillow and other real estate portals follow a simple formula; acquire listings, create consumer traffic, and then monetize.

Let’s take a look at how Zillow is reshaping the property market, and how sellers, buyers, and real estate agents can reap its benefits.

Zillow Premier Agent organizes information in a single platform

Many successful realtors have multiple lead generation streams. They get contacts from websites, sphere of influence, social networks, online advertising platforms, direct mail campaigns and more. Maintaining a database for each lead generation source is cumbersome and horribly inefficient.

With Zillow, however, you can successfully consolidate information from various lead sources. You can collect and organize your contacts easily and access it from your laptop, mobile device, or desktop.

Immediate responses to inquiries, especially online inquiries, are an essential part of successful communication. Though automated responses like ‘Thank you for contacting us’ sound so impersonal, you can customize your auto-response to each contact. Zillow offers the Premier Agent App, which can serve as a CRM for real estate agents who are already in the field. Being highly responsive is key to starting good client relationships.

Besides, you can use the platform to stay in touch with your previous clients. A real estate CRM platform does more than just cultivating and managing new prospects. It allows you to get in touch with a group of people who already knows your services – your past customers.

Sure, people don’t purchase homes every day. Many years go between property purchases for most property owners. Over the years, it is possible for your clients to forget about you. And the solution is simple; stay in touch with all your previous clients to ensure they don’t forget you.

Good news for buyers and sellers

Zillow is a real estate marketplace that’s best known for offering information on properties listed for sale directly to potential buyers. The platform largely bypasses the need for a realtor’s access to the multiple listing service. Zillow pulls property listings from various MLS countrywide and other syndicated websites.

The platform was launched as a media company relying on advertising dollars. However, it has grown into a more sophisticated platform. It connects potential property buyers and sellers with realtors and mortgage lenders. Besides, Zillow provides educational content to consumers, such as property sellers, buyers, and renters.

Wrap up

Zillow was launched in 2006 and has upended the real estate industry. Over the years, it has been taking real estate from MLS directly to potential buyers, definitely to the displeasure of some brokers and real estate agents. However, the platform offers highly efficient lead generation and management tools for real estate agents too.


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