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Three Simple Steps for Saving Money on Marketing


We all love to save money. Here is a simple three step recipe for saving money on marketing your business.

1. Planning

If you want to save money on marketing, the first thing you should do is put together a marketing plan. Having a plan in place will help in keeping emotions and all the fuzziness out of the picture. As a result, you will allocate the right budget on the right things at the right time, and therefore save money! If you haven't written a marketing plan before, don't worry, there are plenty of resources to help you out. A good place to start is Small Business Administration. You can of course contact us and we'll help you out in drafting a simple and effective marketing plan. Contact us for a free consultation!

2. Prioritization

One thing that always blows the budget in marketing is the lack of prioritization. Look carefully, you may not need to do all things at once. Decide on how much you are comfortable spending and prioritize your marketing. If you are overwhelmed with deciding what to prioritize, don't worry, just call us and we'll help you prioritizing. Contact us for a free consultation!

3. Patience

Last but not the least, good marketing takes time and patience. If you are in it for quick results, chances are that you'll fail or waste a lot of money. If you are looking for ways to save money on marketing, then plan, prioritize and most importantly keep faith in your plan and be patient. Some things like SEO can take weeks and months. Good print designs can take a few days to be finalized. Building a custom website that actually works, does take time. And once you have generated those leads from Google or Facebook, it takes good salesmanship and again, time, to "close the deal".


By following these simple, well known (to the ones who have been the block a few times), time tested steps, you can market your business for less money. There is no question about it. We hope this basic introductory article will help you save a lot of money on your marketing!


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Gautam Tandon

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