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Three Things You Should Do Before Boosting That Facebook Post

Three Things You Should Do Before Boosting That Facebook Post


Facebook has had the "boost" feature for quite some time now. It's a simple and easy way to convert a "post" into an "Ad", and then make it reach more people beyond just your current followers. Apart from making the feature very simple to use, Facebook has made it extremely affordable, and in some ways, addictive. A typical Facebook alert will tell you how boosting a post for $10 could make it reach to 1500 people, or something like that, you can go as low as $2! Just a few clicks, and within a few seconds your Ad goes live!

While all that is good, the bad news is that often this "boosting" becomes more like an "addiction" for many. And before you know, it starts hitting your bottom line. Sure it gets your post "out there", but does it really generate leads and new business for you? No one really knows... In this article, we will talk about the three most important things you should do to get the maximum out of your boosted posts.

1. Use Correct Target Audience

Unless you want to reach "everybody" you should always create a "target audience". Facebook allows you to create and save target audiences. This is great because it can help you quickly use the right target audience based on what your post is about. For example, if you run a salon that provides services like eye-lashes (something that would resonate well with women) and beard trimming (something that would resonate well with men), you should definitely create two separate target audiences. Similarly if you own a restaurant in two cities, you should create separate target audiences based on the cities the restaurants are located in. If you are a wealth manager and provide special solutions for families and small businesses, you should have separate target audiences.

Once you have these target audiences ready, simply use the right one for the post you are trying to boost.

2. Edit the Original Post

Remember that this post is going to people who don't know you at all. So it may make sense to put a few words at the beginning of the post introducing yourself and telling them why they are seeing this post. A typical example is - let's say you run a veterinary hospital and made a post showing your dental services. Your original post may have a mention of your client, some thank you note, etc. Many of your current followers may know the client and would "get" what you are doing. They might share like the post instantly. But someone who has no prior connection with you, may get confused why they are seeing this random post in their feed. So you may want to edit the post and say "We provide affordable dental services for dogs and cats. Here's a quick video showing one of our happy clients." or something like that. This will instantly give someone an idea of what the post is about and they may be interested in liking and sharing it with others.

3. Track Results

Facebook has made the boosting so simple that people generally forget this part. As a marketer, we want every dollar to work towards our end goal - growing our business. While the first two steps will help you get on the right track, it's really this step that will help you learn and adapt and get better at it. Tracking results such as what kind of audience really liked your boosted post, how many got directions to your salon or clicked to call to set up an appointment with you for their wealth management needs, etc. will help you get better with every boosted post.


We hope you enjoyed this post and learned something new! Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or would like to learn about our Low Cost Readymade Social Media Marketing Program. We are only a click or a phone call away!


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