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Top 10 Daycare Advertising Ideas

You didn’t start a daycare business because you love to do advertising but you need to advertise if you want your daycare business to succeed. 

Top 10 Daycare Advertising Ideas

Here are our top 10 ideas for ways to advertise your daycare business.

  1. Your Daycare’s Story - Your story is at the heart of your messaging. It should be authentic to the value you provide. Write down what makes your daycare special and think from the parent's perspective. Highlight aspects that parent value, such as contactless payments, contactless check-in, a parent communication app, at-home activity content, digital documentation, assessments,  and shared videos and pictures. Make sure your story includes photos of your daycare, testimonials from parents, educators, and staff, video tours, and photos showcasing your curriculum.
  2. A Website For Your Business - A website lets people find and learn about your business online and makes your daycare more credible. A good website should include ways for parents to contact you, your enrolment process, a window into your program, pricing and services, what makes you stand out, and how you ensure safety. 
  3. Social Media - Social media is essential for generating new clients. Parents want to make sure they’re leaving their children with someone trustworthy. By creating a solid online presence, parents get an idea of the services you offer and a behind-the-scenes look at what happens when they drop off their kids. Social media also lets you interact with parents by posting fun and engaging content. 
  4. Google Reviews - Google reviews are a great way to get feedback while generating new customers. Many people read reviews before visiting a business. Checking reviews parents leave lets you know what they like and dislike, and changes you should make. You should have a well-established Google Business profile. The more Google reviews your company has, the higher Google ranks you when people search for your services. Ask parents to leave a short, positive review of your business on Google. It’s easy to do and helps your authority on Google. Start by setting up your Google My Business profile and then optimize your profile so potential parents and customers can find you easier.
  5. Paid Ads - Paid ads on search engines and social platforms are great for targeting potential customers, building brand awareness, and growing your business. Platforms have made it easier than ever to get started running paid ads. Getting results from paid ads doesn’t require a big budget. For as little as a few dollars every day you can get more customers and more traffic for your website. Ad options depend on which search engines or social platforms you want to focus on.
  6. Traditional Marketing - Don’t underestimate the power of beautifully designed posters and flyers, they can have a big impact on your local brand recognition. If there are big events such as fairs or festivals happening locally, set up a booth to advertise your services to parents. Bring your business cards and have some fun toys and prizes for children.
  7. Referral Program - Word-of-mouth recommendations go a long way among parents. When someone you trust recommends a service, you’re going to trust it more as well. Let parents know that if they refer a new client, you’ll reward them. Use rewards that will resonate with your customers such as a discount on daycare, an Amazon gift card, gift certificates for local restaurants., or even cash.
  8. Management Platform - You care for kids but parents are your customers. You need to keep them happy so they stay loyal and refer new business to you. Use daycare management software to give parents an easy-to-use app to help them manage payments and make sure their child is safe. The peace of mind you provide will increase their satisfaction and can be a selling point for future customers.
  9. Open House - Host an informal get-together with parents and other community members where people can, explore your space, and ask questions. Show parents how safe your location is so that they’ll feel comfortable leaving their children with you and signing up with your daycare.
  10. Networking - Make connections with parents in your neighborhood, other nearby childcare professionals, or your local community center. Local Facebook groups are a great place to find prospective clients and staying up to date on community news and issues. Share relevant and helpful information to show you’re trustworthy but don’t be overly promotional and get kicked out for advertising too much.

If you want to know more about marketing, read our article, “Seven Tasks Small Businesses Should Outsource”, or contact us.

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