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Top Ten Marketing Ideas for Dental Clinics

If you own a dental facility, there’s a good chance you have been searching for marketing ideas online. This search brings up millions of results, and each tells a different story. You will find blog posts, guides, videos, and eBooks that offer information that you require to create a dental practice marketing strategy.

However, only a few of the tips, hacks, secrets, and strategies are backed by actual experience. This is the reason we decided to share the top 10 marketing ideas for dental facilities that work. We have used these strategies to grow our client’s dental facilities.

1. Implement SEO best practices

Most patients looking for a dentist begin with a simple search on Google. If your website and social channels rank higher on search results, there is a good chance your target audience will visit your site and schedule an appointment. Here are SEO tips.

  •  Ensure your website pages load fast
  • Publish high-quality and SEO-friendly content regularly
  • Optimize your website images
  • Ensure the site is mobile-friendly
  • Link smartly


2. Attract patients with an outstanding web design

There’s a 70 percent chance that your potential clients’ first impression with you will be on your official website. Have a visually appealing website makes a good impression. Make it easier for patients to navigate the site and share useful information.

3. Video advertising

The healthcare sector is increasingly using video advertising. You shouldn’t miss this boat. Creating videos can help you establish a personal connection with your audience. This leads to trust, more appointments, and recommendations.

4. Claim local business listings

The way patients find local healthcare facilities, such as dental clinics, is changing. Word of mouth is still relevant, but an equally important strategy is improving your visibility. This makes it imperative to claim your dental facility listings on Google My Business listing and other local business listings.

5. Get reviews

Asking your patients to leave feedback and reviews is an effective way to attract and convert more prospects. Everyone wants reliable, affordable dental services. And that means your prospects are checking your reviews to make their final choice. It is, therefore, best to make an outstanding impression, an aspect that will influence their choice to schedule an appointment with you.

6. Manage your social media presence and reputation

Your patients are not only checking your reviews, but they’re also analyzing your social media profiles. They will check your Instagram page, Facebook page, and other channels. Impressing your patients isn’t the only advantage of using social media – it helps boost engagements, build brand awareness, and trust amongst a new audience.

7. Use paid social media advertising to increase traffic

Run advertising campaigns on social media to drive more traffic to your website. Facebook, Instagram, and other relevant channels allow you to target your potential patients with various ad formats on their preferred social media platforms. With low costs per clicks and impressions, dentists can reap the benefits of social media marketing.

8. Increase patient appointments with a well thought out email marketing strategy

Email marketing allows you to invite new patients, delight form patients to revisit your facility and engages your current patients. Indeed, email advertising is an excellent idea for oral care professionals who intend to increase conversions and drive growth.

9. Participate in relevant local events

Sponsoring local events gets your dental office out in front of patients. Consider giving little kids free toothbrushes or postcards with details about oral hygiene. This is an effective way to create brand awareness and connect with your prospective clients.

10. Appointment reminders

To grow your dental clinic, you need to do something more than just attracting new patients. You should maintain a positive relationship with your current patients. Sending them appointment reminders or a reminder to schedule an appointment is an excellent way to help them maintain better oral health.


Marketing a dental clinic isn’t as complicated as most people think. Implement a combination of the strategies discussed here to effectively your dental practice.

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