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Top Ten Marketing Ideas for Plumbers

Managing a plumbing business has a unique set of challenges. Unlike insurance companies and hotels that target a specific audience and depend on seasonal factors, you must reach two different markets. First, you must connect with a panicked consumer with a burst pipe or any other emergency. Such a consumer needs a plumber ASAP. Secondly, you must attract customers who need routine installations and maintenance. These customers have enough time to research and compare different plumbing companies.

Your marketing strategy must address these consumers while competing in an overly crowded market. Here are tips to help you create such a marketing strategy.

1. Build a website for your plumbing business

A mobile-friendly and professional looking website can boost your online visibility and credibility. Keep the site clean and straightforward. Make it easier for visitors to find more details about your services and contact information.

2. Submit your plumbing to local directories

Plumbing is a local business. That means your target consumers can easily find you via local business listings. This is the primary reason for having your plumbing business listed in Google My Business, Angie’s List, Better Business Bureau, Facebook, Yelp, and other relevant local directories are essential.

People have changed the way they search for local services. They depend on trusted business directories. And adding your plumbing business to these directories will help build trust and make it easier for your target audience to find you.

3. Local SEO

Most consumers do a Google search when looking for plumbing services. The chances are that they will check the first few results, compare their services, and contact one of them. If your business website isn’t among these, you are missing out on many sales opportunities.

4. Social media marketing

More than 2 billion people have active social media profiles. According to HubSpot, 92 percent of marketers claim that social media marketing is essential for businesses. So, if you’re not using social media for your plumbing company, you’re losing a significant chunk of the social media users pie.

5. Foster reviews

Not all customers will make it a point to give your business a review online. Though some of them will provide you with a review, you should always encourage all your clients to do so. Remind them you’re on social media and review websites. Request them to check your GMB profile and leave a review. Having many reviews makes your company more authentic.

6. Customer referral program

Client referral programs leverage your current customers to acquire new ones. Make sure that your services are timely, effective, and affordable. Satisfied customers will spread the good news and refer other people in need of exceptional plumbing services. You can also request for referrals.

7. Join an HOA

Find Homeowner’s Association that’s willing to work with you. Most of these associations don’t have a designated plumbing service provider. Whenever they need one, they head online and search for the most trusted one. Reach out to these companies and request them to include your business in their list. That means they can always contact you whenever they need a plumber.

8. Network in your local community

Networking can build many connections. So, attend different local events, corporate events, and meetings. Take a bunch of professionally-designed business cards with you and share them with several property owners attending the same event. Whenever you get a chance, educate people about plumbing. They will think of your company whenever they need a plumber.

9. Partner with a construction company

Partnering with a construction company can land you a plumbing job. Consider getting in touch with a builder who is expanding into newer regions. The builder can subcontract you to handle plumbing systems in several properties.

10. Brand yourself

Well, branding is everything. If you’re driving and you see a big yellow-colored letter ‘M,’ the first thing you will think about is McDonald’s. That’s branding. Effective branding will set your business apart from the competition. Let your clients know what makes your company different.

Wrap up

Whether you are a local incumbent or just a new kid in the next block trying to break through as the neighborhood’s ‘go-to plumber,’ you can reach your target audience through practical marketing ideas.

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