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Just like every other field of life, one thing is very constant, change. As technological advancements have influenced the rapid development of different spheres of life, the website designing sector has not been left behind as waves of new trends have flooded the industry, with the new batch of trends set to be a dream combination of wonderful design aesthetics and high technological input.  

Whenever new trends surface in the industry, there is always the tough question going on in every web designer’s head; “Do I go with the flow of the new trends, or should I stick to what I have been doing and stay different”? Anyways what really matters is how you understand and manage the emergence of the new trends, knowing why it has emerged and how it can add some flavor to the diverse designs out there already, while also delivering the best possible quality for your clients.

Elaborated below, are about 10 top trending website designs which are lighting up the web designing world.

1. Black and White Palettes

Color is a very important factor while building a website, as it sets the tone and mood for how the overall interface of the website looks. Black and White are compatible colors which always seem to combine and make a loud statement. Expect nothing less from when they are mashed up together on website interfaces too.


2. Drop shadows and depth

The utilization of shadows is in no way a totally new trend, but the evolvement of web browsers along with new technological additions have brought about new variations in shadow-play. Shadow-play is known to bring about a versatile effect that helps increase the aesthetics of the website.


3. Vibrant saturated color schemes

Most brands and designers have been known to prefer sticking with the traditional, web-safe colors. This is somewhat beginning to be tagged boring, as more designers are becoming more bold when it comes to adding color, with super-saturation and use of vibrant shades becoming a norm.


4. Custom illustrations

Making use of Illustrations is a very good route which many brands and designers follow in order to appeal to the regular customer as they easily get people’s attention. Some companies who feel they are perceived as being too serious can also use illustrations to come off as more approachable to their clients.


5. Asymmetry and broken grid layouts

This is another big change which became very popular in 2017 and has managed to stay useful and relevant to designers as almost everyone opts for the unconventional, unique style of ‘broken’ layouts. Although a lot of big companies still use traditional grid-based structures, the use of these distinctive layouts has managed to remain a favorite.



6. Integrated Animations

Designers are always looking for new ways to engage customers and visitors to sites and animations have proven to be a very effective way of attracting customers as they give your website a nice user-friendly vibe. A lot of websites have now moved on from static pictures and opted for integrated animations.


7. Glitch art

Glitch art is another example of a retro design which has made a comeback to the trends list and is currently being heavily embraced. This is a very strange but appealing way of catching a customer’s eye by giving websites a unique, trippy and experimental look.


8. Micro interactions

These are events with a main purpose of catching the user off-guard and surprising him with an action maybe after a click of a button. A lot of webpages have started delving into this design idea as it makes a website look much smarter while also transmitting information easily to the user.


9. Dynamic gradients

Flat design has been the more frequently used design over the years but gradients have made a great comeback in the trends. Gradients are now more versatile, bigger, and full of more color. They can also act as substitutes for images/pictures, making them a great option in website designing.


10 . Minimalism

Minimalism is regarded by many as one of the most timeless and forever relevant website design trends as the few details on the website allows the user to think less. Many users prefer easier and scantier looking web prefaces to enable them surf in a smoother manner.



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