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Two Months Free on LobbyTV Subscription

LobbyTV is a unique digital signage solution that can be used to promote or upsell your products or services to customers while they are waiting at your lobby area. It turns almost any kind of new generation television (such as the ones that can be connected to devices such as Amazon Firestick, etc.) into a smart content delivery system. While there are many other ways of keeping customers engaged and happy, there's nothing more brilliant than engaging them and at the same time upselling and cross selling your products or services. It's a true win-win!

For a limited time only, LobbyTV is offering two months free on LobbyTV Subscription to Ellipsis Marketing newsletter subscribers! We are really grateful for such a generous offer.

To learn more about LobbyTV, go to https://lobbytv.co. Use coupon code ELLIPSIS at checkout.


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Gautam Tandon

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