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Website for Bay Jewelers

Bay Jewelers was looking for a modern website for attracting the new generation of high-net-worth individuals and families. However, being a small team, they did not have the time and resources necessary to build and manage a quality website.

Ellipsis Readymade Website Program provided Bay Jewelers with a pre-assembled team of marketers consisting of a web developer, graphic artist, web copywriter, and website hosting expert, at a fraction of cost of traditional marketing agencies. The team custom designed a website that was perfect for Bay Jewelers. The website showed latest product inventory with stunning pictures and clear descriptions. Potential clients could show interest in the products they liked, put high end expensive items on hold and request a showing. Customers and leads could also connect with Bay Jewelers team via instant email notifications.

Bay Jewelers was able to improve their online presence with a high quality website, without needing to spend their own precious time on marketing or hiring expensive traditional marketing agencies.


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