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IAVMA (Indo American Veterinary Medical Association) is a non-profit organization of veterinarians of Indian origin or of Indian descent. It is a volunteer-run organization that provides help and aide at local, state, national, and international level to support people facing adverse calamities such as the California fires in our own backyard, Humane Society pet rescue clubs international floods and earthquakes.

IAVMA was looking for a better website and membership management system to help them simplify and automate membership management tasks, and improve their online presence. However, being a small team, and 100% volunteer run, they did not have the time and resources necessary to build and manage their website. The tools available in the market were either too complex or too simple; nothing that was built just right for their specific needs.

Ellipsis Readymade Website Program provided IAVMA with a pre-assembled team of marketers consisting of a web developer, graphic artist, web copywriter, and website hosting expert, at a fraction of cost of traditional marketing agencies. The team custom designed a website and a non profit membership management system that was perfect for the foundation's needs. It helped the foundation build awareness, improve their online presence, improve membership engagement, promote online events, and much more. IAVMA was now able to easily manage their digital presence without needing to spend their own precious time on marketing, technology or hiring expensive traditional marketing agencies.


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