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What does Ellipsis Readymade Every Door Direct Mail Marketing Program include?

What does Ellipsis Readymade Every Door Direct Mail Marketing Program include?

Every Door Direct Mail is a marketing service provided by USPS through which local businesses can cost effectively run their postal mail marketing campaign. While a postcard stamp costs around 50 cents, Every Door Direct Mail cost only 18 cents per postcard, thereby making it a very affordable option for many businesses. That said, running an effective Every Door Direct Mail Marketing Program is extremely time consuming. And that’s why we created Readymade Every Door Direct Mail Marketing Program.


Custom Design

Every Door Direct Mail postcard is delivered by USPS along with rest of the mail. That means if the design is not unique, chances are your postcard will get lost in the pile of junk mail. We start with our readymade designs, that are unique to begin with, and we further customize it based on your branding guidelines and designs. We look at what others are doing in your area so that we can keep it extremely unique and eye catching. Our designers do all the hard work while you relax and focus on running your business.


High Quality Paper

Many people don’t realize the value of using high quality thick glossy paper for postcards. This is very important because, again, your postcard is competing against a pile of junk mail. It goes through a lot of hands, boxes, and vehicles, before it reaches in your recipient’s hand. A strong and sturdy paper will be able to take all that rough handling and still look fresh and clean when it reaches in their hands.


The Right USPS route selection

Designing a unique postcard with the right offer & artwork and picking the right paper quality is still half the battle. Next comes picking the right USPS delivery routes. Our marketing consultants use third party tools that provide much more information about a route than the “USPS route picker” tool. This helps is reaching the right demography based on your business type and your needs, which in turn helps in producing better results.


Worry free full service. Local point of contact

Our Readymade Every Door Direct Mail Marketing Program is full service. Plus, it includes a local point of contact who will work with you at every step of the process to ensure all your needs are being addressed. There is no hidden complicated pricing. Simply select how many postcards you want us to send and the postcard size, we do everything else at one simple price for you.


[ Click here to see more details about our Readymade Every Door Direct Mail Marketing Program ]


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