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What to expect from your Real Estate Agent as a Seller and a Buyer

As you get ready to purchase or sell a property, you may wonder whether you need a real estate agent and what to expect from such an expert. Do these agents do anything more than just showing prospective clients properties and handling paperwork?

Property sellers, here’s what to expect from a real estate agent

Selling a property can be an overwhelming experience. You will have to get your property ready for showings and sometimes it might take longer than expected to get the property sold. These are some of the stressful experiences you might encounter when you finally decide to sell your property.

Hiring the right real estate agent to help sell your property could ease these pains. They can help get the property ready for showings, ensure that the home is listed for sale on major platforms, handle the necessary paperwork, and more. Note that every real estate agent out there has a unique personality, different ways to market properties, different selling techniques and different skill levels. Here’s what to expect from your real estate agent.

A developed and shared property selling strategy: The agent should be able to explain their unique approach for attracting potential property buyers. Remember, marketing should be targeted. Today’s real estate market is competitive, and putting up a sign and waiting for the right buyer to come in won’t cut it.

Help with getting the property ready: Your real estate agent should help get the property ready for showings, advice on potential upgrades and repairs, help with staging, guide you through pricing strategies, and in the end ensure that you get the home sold at the right price.

Incentives to buyers: In a competitive market, property buyers need to feel they are getting something extra when purchasing a home. For instance, they might be attracted to your property because of that membership to the local pool, home warranty, a free property inspection, and more.

Effective communication: Your agent should provide regular reports so that you can always be aware of what’s being done to get your property sold.

Property buyers, here’s what you should expect from your real estate agent

Buying a home, particularly for the first time, comes with a lot of confusion and more questions than answers. The process requires patience, dedication, and persistence. Thus, it would be best if you had a real estate agent, someone who understands market trends, the specific laws governing property acquisition, and who can act in your best interests. Here’s what to expect from your real estate agent.

  • Be your trusted advocate and advisor during the entire property buying process
  • Take the time to understand your needs and what motivates you to buy a specific home
  •  Help you know the current market trends and conditions
  • Find the right way for you to achieve your objectives while dealing with the reality of the real estate market and financial constraints
  • Check the homes in your preferred locations and sort through active property listings to give the right suggestions after cross-referencing your needs
  • Offer oversight and follow up for property inspections
  • Be present at closing to make sure all your interests are protected.

Selling and buying a home requires an in-depth understanding of the real estate market. That means it is essential to hire an experienced real estate agent. Now that you know what to expect from your real estate agent, it’s time you give yourself a huge advantage over the other property buyers and sellers.


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