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WM Landscaping increases sales conversions through direct mail by 3X using Ellipsis Welcome Postcards


WM Landscaping wanted to improve their sales conversion rates from their direct mail efforts. For this, they wanted to make the direct mail personalized and relevant for each recipient. They tried most common customization techniques like using recipients name in the mail but that didn't increase sales conversions by any significant amount. They were needing to do a much more sophisticated customization.


Ellipsis Marketing created a customized version of Welcome Postcards program. Instead of postcards, we chose letters. The content of each letter was customized to not only address the right person but also include customized visuals. In addition, it also included a map showing nearby homes that were using WM Landscaping services. This way, each letter had highly personalized content including text, images and maps.

  • A list of recently sold homes in the area was generated using various data sources
  • Each letter was customized to include a map showing homes in the neighborhood that were already using client's services
  • Letters were printed on high quality paper
  • Letters were mailed via first class USPS mail service
  • Phone and web inquiries were tracked to measure success of the program


WM Landscaping saw 3X improvement in their direct mail efforts in terms of improved sales conversions. This helped them get much better return on investment from their marketing dollars spent on direct mail.


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Gautam Tandon

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