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Yelp Ads for A Town Pizza of San Ramon

A Town Pizza of San Ramon wanted to increase dine-in and delivery orders targeting people searching on Yelp. However, being a small team, they did not have the time and resources necessary to manage Yelp Ads in-house effectively.

Ellipsis Readymade Yelp Ads Program provided A Town Pizza with a pre-assembled team of marketers consisting of a copywriter, and a Yelp Ads Expert, at a fraction of cost of traditional marketing agencies. The team carefully looked at A Town Pizza’s Yelp Business Page, put together a strategy that would make sense for them, and ran hyper targeted Yelp Ads.

A Town Pizza saw an increase in dine-in and takeout orders from locals, and even increase in their positive online reviews on Yelp, without needing to spend their own precious time on marketing or hiring expensive traditional marketing agencies.


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Gautam Tandon

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