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Christmas and New Years Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Christmas and New Years are a couple of the best opportunities to market your small business. Here are some ideas.

Christmas Marketing Ideas

Christmas is one of the biggest shopping holidays on the planet. Here are a few ideas for getting some of that business.

  • Website - Decorate your website to show the Christmas Spirit! Use festive graphics, such as candles, Christmas trees, holiday stockings, and effects, such as snow falling through the screen, change your cover image, add include a timer, or any other creative ideas that you like.
  • Gift Bundles - Ease the holiday shopping experience for your customers with gift bundles. Shoppers like good deals, especially if they meet interests and solve shopping problems. Beyond buyers getting a deal and saving time searching for presents, gift bundles can help your small business increase average order value as well. 
  • Email Marketing - Launch an email marketing strategy to highlight specific products that aren’t available from big-box stores, offer a general discount, and share important information relevant to the Christmas season. Make sure to use creative and captivating subject lines so that your subscribers will open the message.
  • Christmas Gift Landing Page - Creating a Christmas Gift landing page is a great way to increase sales and improve customers’ shopping experience by helping them skip the process of searching for the best gifts. Don’t forget to promote them through your social channels and email. 
  • Social Media Marketing - Use social media marketing to get buyers in the holiday spirit, promote your Christmas deals, hold contests, advertise, attract new buyers, and boost sales. You can decorate social media accounts by adding Christmas elements such as holiday icons and imagery. Use the opportunity to reach a wide audience with social media to post Christmas offers, discounts, and rewards. Don’t forget to use Christmas hashtags to get your posts in front of more potential customers.

New Years Marketing Ideas

Just like Christmas, New Years presents a great opportunity for marketing. Here are a few ways to do it.

  • Inspiring Quotes Contest - People treat the new year as a time to refresh, restart, and get motivated. Run a contest where customers share their favorite inspirational quotes. Ask customers to share that quote either in-store or on social media. Get people involved by asking them to vote for their favorite quotes, and choose the most popular quotes based on likes, shares, and/or reactions. Then share the winning quotes on all of your social channels, and offer prizes for the winners, such as an in-store gift card. You can also compile the quotes you enjoyed into a blog post or social post, and share the collection with your audience.
  • New Product Promotion - The New Year is a great time to encourage customers to try something new. Run a promotion for a new product coming out or a customer favorite using the tagline, “New Year, New (Name of Product or Service)”. If you offer services, consider offering a new bundle of services.
  • Body Positive Promotion - One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is weight loss. Create a promotion that helps customers love the body they have while promoting a healthy lifestyle. Find items that promote both health and indulgence so people can both love and treat themselves. Share the promotion via text or email. Make sure the promotion is for a specific product, highlights its benefits, and offers an incentive, like a discount, for customers to take action.
  • Help Us Have an Amazing New Year Promotion - Ask your customers to provide feedback in a ‘Help Us Have an Amazing New Year’ promotion. Tell customers that you want to do everything to make the customer experience great this year, and for their feedback. Offer customers a discount at checkout if they provide comments before buying. You can also offer a coupon or a gift to customers that complete an email survey.
  • Post-New Year Promotion - Offer a sale or discount well into the New Year. Try offering customers 10% off one item in your store if you want to keep things simple. Send the promotion out via text, and promote it on your social channels. Also, instead of the traditional holiday gift guide, wait until the holidays are over and create a New Year Gift Guide with items to get organized in the new year. Then promote the guide with email and discounts or create a guide for customers on your website, or social media.

For more marketing ideas, check out our article, “December Small Business Marketing Ideas”, or contact us.

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