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Small Business Marketing Ideas to Kick Start New Year

The New Year is a perfect time to kick-start your marketing with some fresh new ideas. Here are some suggestions to consider.

Small Business Marketing Ideas to Kick Start New Year

Here are some marketing ideas to get your new year going in the right direction.

  • New Year Email - Ring in the New Year by wishing your customers happiness. Show them you care with a New Year’s message. To stand out and have a better chance of being noticed, send an email before New Year’s instead. It’ll make customers feel like you prioritize care about them. Use email marketing tools to create professional-looking emails. Personalize the emails by adding details and content specific to each recipient. Your contacts get so many New Year emails, by personalizing yours, you can stand out and create authentic interactions with your audience. You can also offer a discount code, include another promotion in your email, or organize a giveaway contest. Let them know that you’re doing this exclusively for them so that they feel special and to increase brand loyalty.
  • Social Media - The New Year is a great time to get the conversation started with social media posts. Use social media posts to get your customers excited about your business. It’s also a great time to come up with a new avatar for your brand on social media or market new products that you’ll be launching. If you have New Year-specific products, you can promote them through social media posts. New Year's marketing can help increase sales and brand awareness. 
  • Inspiring Quotes Contest - Run an inspiring quotes contest on social media to generate buzz for your New Year announcements and increase brand awareness. Ask people to share a quote that inspires them and come up with a unique branded hashtag. These quotes can also be used to create content. Ask customers to get as many likes, comments, and shares on their posts with the quote and use these to pick the winners and award prizes. You can even ask people to share their experiences with you and post them as well.
  • Go Offline - New Year's marketing isn’t limited to online marketing. Incorporate traditional marketing into the mix. If you have a brick-and-mortar presence, decorate it with a New Year’s theme, such as a party theme using your products or services, or put posters and banners where they’ll be seen, such as malls and shopping markets. This can help generate awareness and lead to sales.
  • Have A Sale - Have a special New Year-centric sale to generate buzz. Serve customers who are waiting for better bargains with flash sales. Flash sale customers may not become repeat customers, but you can boost sales by giving out discount coupons to customers during the sale to help increase brand loyalty.
  • Make A Calendar - Create a customized calendar for the coming year and send it out to customers or offer it as an add-on to purchases. When customers use the calendars throughout the year, it keeps your business at the top of their minds. This is a simple New Year's marketing idea that can help you grow your brand all year long.
  • Launch New Products - Launch new products at the start of the New Year. You can launch the product as soon as the clock hits midnight and run a post-midnight sale to sell your new product. Explain what the new product is and how it’s better than older ones and offer a deal on the first purchase. You can also offer discounts on older products or run special New Year giveaways to help generate buzz around your brand. Promote these sales (Google Ads, social media, etc.) to get traffic to your product page and tie your marketing in with New Year's resolutions to increase the chances of success.
  • Have  A Party - People like to ring in the New Year with some sort of celebration. Use the occasion to throw a party for your loyal customers. It can be anything related to your business, such as letting the guests try out your latest products at the party. These events give your customers a memorable experience, make them feel special, and can help you increase brand loyalty. Make sure that you advertise the event well through social media or brick-and-mortar locations to draw a big turnout. You can even partner with influential people to host or promote the party.

For more marketing ideas, check out our article, “Five Digital Marketing Ideas You May Have Never Tried, But Should”, or contact us.

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